TFS for SourceSafe users

This is really nothing but goodness. The TFS team has done a lot of studies and found there is a group of customers who would just love to replace SourceSafe and do not immediately require all of the many features in a full blown TFS installation. To address such a need there is a TFS Essentials version in the 2010 version of the product.

This is good for quickly trying out, wetting yourself and getting the juices flowing so to speak before you eventually decide to upgrade to a higher version of TFS. The cool thing I like about is that this can be installed on Client OSs. Oh My God. Why did we not come up with wise idea before – it just beats me. Anyway now that it is here you can enjoy this.


The full details of this is posted in an excellent blog post by Brian Harry at: “TFS 2010 for SourceSafe Users

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