Make Web Not War – from Microsoft


This is a slightly fun video for you tech junkies out there. 

I will update as the other episodes in this series become available

What is this?

A teaser video for a larger series around the Microsoft Web Platform, the Web Platform Installer, and the Windows Web Application Gallery.

CannonPI – who is that?

CannonPI is a play on MagnumPI (and goes along quite well with WebPI). Who is Cannon? Well, he’s a problem solver, intent on making the world an easier place for software development, in his own special way. More in episode #1, coming out soon.

Who stars in this?

Scott Guthrie and Soma! 

Follow up:

We have 2 more videos to follow – this one is just a teaser intro – so stay tuned! (and have a good laugh). 😉

(and yes, these do have a purpose.. just wait until Episode 1 – and yes, these will be put into Silverlight as well)

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