Some more love for Windows Live


Continuing the sequence of more love for Windows Live, I am posting a couple of  more videos which shows the kinds of consumer scenarios that are possible with Windows Live.


Girl From Mars – Just click on the link to left  or the Picture below for video - best enjoyed in full screen mode.



The above  is a cool video showing a smooth flow of consumer scenario in which a slew of Microsoft technologies are used.


Here is another video (Just click on the image below) which shows you the use of Live Mesh in action, again best viewed in full screen mode.



Now that you have seen Live Mesh in action, you can download and install the client run times even on your Apple Mac and as well as Windows Mobile devices.




I am providing a few screen shots below to help in getting started with Live Mesh




Once you are signed in and see the device ring, you can download the relevant bits for your device.


All of these videos demonstrate current Microsoft technologies in usage.


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