A Little love for Windows Live – How easily Kylie uploads and shares photos


I am planning to post a series of blog-posts on the ease of use and friendliness of using Windows Live. Well what the heck is Windows Live anyway.

Windows Live is a comprehensively and well thought out set of integrated services (there is a key difference when we say SERVICES as opposed to Products ) which provide an easy and fun way to share your stuff (be it photos or documents), communicate and collaborate within your social network.

Lets first see how easy it is to share your pictures with family and friends. In this video you will see Kylie who is a 4 and half year old, capturing photos and sharing it. Just click on play and enjoy the video.



Now having seen a snapshot what are the some of the other services that Windows Live offers for free.

  1. Free hotmail account with 5GB storage and which grows with your usage
  2. Free skydrive with 25 GB storage space
  3. Free Live Messenger with a lot of customization and new features. You have to experience to see for yourself.
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Spaces
  6. Blogging
  7. <<<<You get the picture.>>>>>


Just go to http://download.live.com to get it.



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