Windows Live Essentials – free download

I was chatting with some of my friends and I learnt that they did not know of the free goodies from Microsoft called Windows Essentials. So I decided to write a simple post on that including from where to get it.

<Aside> And while you are at it you can also go and sign up for Live Mesh at which is available for Apple Macintosh (YES you heard that correctly – Apple ), Windows Mobile devices and of course for PCs running Windows. This essentially allows you to seamlessly and transparently keep your Documents, Folders, files and Photos in sync across the various devices once you downloaded and installed the bits on all the devices you want to be part of your device mesh. </Aside>

Now – coming back to Windows Essentials. You also literally get a hard drive in the sky called “skydrive” which gives 25GB of free space.

Windows Essentials”  a free download, essentially gives the following free services. One of the most striking features you will see is the better integration between between the various components such as Hotmail, Instant Messenger, Photos, skydrive, Contacts, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, etc.,.


So what do you get when you download and install the Windows Live Essentials.

  1. Well known hotmail, with a much improved User Interface and lots of nifty new features.
  2. Instant Messenger
  3. Photo Upload
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Movie Maker
  6. Free Blogging tools (Live Writer – which is what I used to write thie blog which you are reading)
  7. Video uploads and free streaming through Silverlight.

You get a tightly integrated experience of all of the above in one simple page where you have to sign in only once.  See below for some of the things you can see including “What's new in your network of friends/.contacts”



To get your free download go to

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