Live Services – Training material videos now available

Finally we are publicly releasing the internal Live Services Training power point decks and videos which we did worldwide at 11 locations.

You can find the link to it in: 


The following are the various sessions that are available in the above link.

Live Services – go production with these sessions (1-5)

  1. Live Services – An All-Up Technical Overview

  2. Microsoft Online Identity – Part I

  3. Microsoft Online Identity – Part II

  4. Communications – Messenger

  5. Infrastructure Services

    Live Fx - Developing Mesh Applications (6-10)

  6. Future Direction of Live Services

  7. Resource Model Session

  8. Cloud APIs

  9. .NET Libraries

  10. Mesh Applications

The session videos are the actual recording at the San Francisco venue and you can see the training with all its questions and answers that are being asked. Watch as your time permits and enjoy. Feel proud to have been one of the team that created this and as well as having delivered it.


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