Managing consent after granting “Delegated Authentication” to a website

Once consent has been granted to a Web Site, how does one manage the consent or revoke it. After all the CORE tenet of consent granting via Delegated Authentication is users should be in control.

Well it is a very simple process. Log into and sign in with your windows Live-ID.

Once you do that, you should be taken to a screen such as the cone below where you can revoke the consent completely or selectively modify it.



If you don't see the screen directly there will be a manage consent link on the left once you log in, which should take you to a similar looking screen above.

That's it – its pretty simple. So the essential thing to remember is YOU the end user remains in control. Neither the Third party web site to which you have granted consent nor Microsoft has any control (NOR should they have any say) in your consent granting process which is essentially always under your control.

BTW, if you want to understand what Delegated Authentication is and how you can leverage it in your web site, please go to

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