VSTS 2008 TFS Power Tools Released

A new set of Power Tools for TFS 2008 has been released. This is a good one that I have been waiting for some time. It contains several goodies. Some of the things I especially like are:

  1. Standalone version of Process Template Editor for TFS 2008. It used to be frustrating to not have a Process Template Editor for 2008, whereas to have one for the 2005 version.
  2. Build Notification Tray. Handy for people who do frequent builds
  3. Launch a folder straight from Source Control Explorer (SCE) into the mapped Windows Explorer(WE) folder. Sort of gives back sanity to the relationship between SCE and WE.
  4. Ability to destroy Work Items - earlier when you were creating and testing new workitems or modifying an existing one, one could not get rid of the myriad type definitions that were getting created in the process of developing work items.


The link to this Power Tool release is in: http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=8013790.

Also refer Brian Harry's blog at:http://blogs.msdn.com/bharry/archive/2007/12/21/december-07-release-of-the-tfs-power-tools-for-tfs-2008-are-available.aspx

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