Using Facebook and IE8?

If so, you might really like one of these extensions! Btw, who is The Stig?


IE8 Web Slice and Silverlight (e.g. Imagine Cup)

7/21/09 – UPDATE: Added  Source Code (see bottom) With Internet Explorer 8 it’s easy to build Silverlight Web Slices; great examples of this are the OneRiot Today’s Hottest Video or MIX 09 Web Slice. But…how does it work? Let’s have a look to the “Imagine Cup Web Slice”,  just uploaded to the IE Gallery. The slice…


H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) Web Slice step-by-step

Creating Web Slices is extremely easy and fast, and at the same time it can provide amazing results. In this post I will show how the Swine Flu Web Slice has been created (in less then one hour!). The full project with source code is provided at the end of this post. Before starting, you…


IE8 New Features Developer Guide

You’ve seen the new IE8 features on a website, on a video, on the IE Gallery, on Channel9, on a blog, on your friend’s pc…and you are interested to build your own version? Here’s a few links to start! Web Slices Accelerators Visual Search Developer Guide Authenticated Web Slices  Developer Guide XML Template Developer Guide…