Tech ED EMEA 2008 Barcelona

After MIX and PDC…this time I have the pleasure to give a couple of presentations at TechED EMEA in Barcelona. MBL308 – Microsoft Silverlight 2 for Mobile: Developing for Mobile Devices Tuesday, November 11, 17:00 (Room 113) In this session, filled with some very cool demos, you will not only learn how to extend your…


RIA for Desktop, Web & Mobile using Silverlight & WPF

Sign up for “The Wrath of Khan” meeting, organized by the UK user group Vista Squad. The meeting will take place in Microsoft Cardinal Palace place, on 18th June, with the following talks: Building RIA for Desktop, Web and Mobile using Silverlight and WPF (Giorgio Sardo, UX Consultant, MS UK) Network Access Protection + Demos…


[ITA] The Next Web Now – il giorno dopo

Si è svolto ieri l’evento The Next Web Now a Milano, che ha visto la partecipazione di Steve Ballmer (CEO Microsoft), Marco Montemagno (SKY), i direttori di Telecom Italia, Fiat, ENI e Sanpaolo…nonchè di vari speaker Microsoft e non-Microsoft. Durante la giornata ci si è confrontati sul futuro del Web, approfondendo temi quali Silverlight, la…


Silverlight for Mobile TodayScreen Plugin

Today I would like to share with you another video, that showcase a possible use of a Silverlight for Mobile application inside the TodayScreen of a PocketPc. For this demo I combined together the power or the Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional Emulator, SLM, C++ and .NET. 🙂   Technorati Tags: Silverlight for Mobile,Windows Mobile 6


Silverlight for Mobile Demo 9/9 – Windows Vista Mobile

I think that everybody here agree that Windows Vista is the best Microsoft operating system…from a UX point of view For this reason, I was curious to see how it would look like inside a PocketPc with a small screen. The result? It’s pretty obvious!! You cannot take an application developed for desktop…and make it…


Silverlight for Mobile Demo 8/9 – Slot Machine

If you still feel unlucky…I suggest you to play with this Microsoft Slot Machine v1. Bill pays double or triple!   Tags: MIX 08 Silverlight Mobile


Silverlight for Mobile Demo 7/9 – Horoscope

Las Vegas, casino, Slot Machines, Roulette, Texas Poker Holden, Blackjack, … you might want to be sure it’s your lucky day before actually playing Tags: MIX 08 Silverlight Mobile


Silverlight for Mobile Demo 5/9 – Gesture

This is probably the demo where I’ve seen more interest from MIX attendees. With a bit of logic (coded in Javascript) I can understand most common user gesture…and react accordingly.   Tags: MIX 08 Silverlight Mobile


Silverlight for Mobile Demo 4/9 – Menu Carousel

Personally I don’t really like using carousel when we deal with a lot of information; however it comes in handy for a few items, like a menu. And it looks great on a small device!   Tags: MIX 08 Silverlight Mobile


Silverlight for Mobile Demo 3/9 – Speakers FishEye

The third demo showcase how to use the fish-eye control inside a small screen device; by dragging and dropping the balloon from the lower to the upper area it’s possible to dynamically filter users’ pictures.   Tags: MIX 08 Silverlight Mobile