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I’ve been fairly quiet on this blog in the last weeks, since I’ve been working on super-awesome stuff days and nights! Don’t miss the following events: MIX10 – 15-17th March, Las Vegas (US). We will have *amazing* news for Windows Phone 7, Internet Explorer 9 and many other surprises… If you can’t attend the conference,…


Internet Explorer 8 at MIX

IE8 is back! As we announced last week at MIX, Internet Explorer 8 RTW has been released. You can download it for Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows Server here: If you missed the Lap Around IE8 session at MIX 09, you can watch it here: As an high level summary of the session,…


Internet Explorer is back!

This year I have the pleasure to present the A Lap Around Internet Explorer 8 session at MIX. In this session, you’ll hear the inside story behind the development of Internet Explorer 8. We’ll show you how to develop innovative user experiences with Web Slices, Accelerators and Visual Search. You’ll discover nearly twenty new security…


MIX News and Twitter Web Slice, Session and Speaker Visual Search

The MIX website has been IE’fyed! 🙂 If you go to (using Internet Explorer 8 of course ;), you will notice two new user features: 1) You can subscribe to the news from MIX and see at any time the news, the tweets going on around MIX09 and a video feed. All inside a…


MIX 09 Special Offer Discount

It’s the holiday season – time for family and friends, good cheer, and PRESENTS!  Plus, we also understand that budgets are tight these days, so in the spirit of the holiday season, we’re offering discount MIX09 conference passes at $795 USD (that’s over 40% off the full price) to the first 200 people to register. …


Silverlight for Mobile Demo 9/9 – Windows Vista Mobile

I think that everybody here agree that Windows Vista is the best Microsoft operating system…from a UX point of view For this reason, I was curious to see how it would look like inside a PocketPc with a small screen. The result? It’s pretty obvious!! You cannot take an application developed for desktop…and make it…


Silverlight for Mobile Demo 8/9 – Slot Machine

If you still feel unlucky…I suggest you to play with this Microsoft Slot Machine v1. Bill pays double or triple!   Tags: MIX 08 Silverlight Mobile


Silverlight for Mobile Demo 7/9 – Horoscope

Las Vegas, casino, Slot Machines, Roulette, Texas Poker Holden, Blackjack, … you might want to be sure it’s your lucky day before actually playing Tags: MIX 08 Silverlight Mobile


Silverlight for Mobile Demo 5/9 – Gesture

This is probably the demo where I’ve seen more interest from MIX attendees. With a bit of logic (coded in Javascript) I can understand most common user gesture…and react accordingly.   Tags: MIX 08 Silverlight Mobile


Silverlight for Mobile Demo 4/9 – Menu Carousel

Personally I don’t really like using carousel when we deal with a lot of information; however it comes in handy for a few items, like a menu. And it looks great on a small device!   Tags: MIX 08 Silverlight Mobile