Learning HTML5 from Disney Tron:Legacy Digital Book

Try at: http://disneydigitalbooks.go.com/tron/ Thanks to the amazing teamwork of Disney and Vectorform, it took just about 1 month to build the new Disney TRON: Legacy Digital Book Site, an immersive HTML5 experience built on top of Internet Explorer 9 Hardware Accelerated HTML5. In this post I’d like to share some of the “behind the scenes”…


Unlocking the power of HTML5 audio

Sounds form the background of our life. Today the HTML5 <audio> element enables Web developers to embed sounds in their applications. The flexibility of the control coupled with the integration with the rest of the platform allows several scenarios, from simple sound effects to background audio to gaming experiences to more sophisticated audio engines. This…


Developer thoughts on IE9 RC–Video

I had the pleasure to work with some really bright web developer and designer in the last months, building some of the most exciting and inspiring HTML5 application. Thank you all!


My TOP 5 features in IE9 RC

Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate is now available for download here. There are many news, from new HTML5 features to enhanced performance, from state-of-the-art security to redesigned user experience. Here’s my TOP 5: 1 – W3C Geo-location Standard A page is now able to request the user location in a secure way using a few…


Typeface upside down text in IE9

Good news for developers. If you are using an older version of the typeface library, you might have seen the text upside-down on IE9 Beta – due to some bug in the library itself. The latest version (v0.15) include fixes to these bugs and now fully supports IE9 Standards Mode. Thanks David! Download here: http://typeface.neocracy.org/download.html


Building great browsers together

Building a great browser is complex; this is valid for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and any other browser out there. When we started the planning of IE9, we decided to offer more visibility to developers over the progress of the platform – releasing a Platform Preview every eight week. Thanks to your help,…


Pirates Love Daisies: HTML5 Lessons Learned

As announced on the Windows blog this morning, today Pirates Love Daises – a new HTML5 tower defense game – has been released! Grant Skinner, the leader of the team that built the game, reported his experience on his blog. He shared some interesting thought about the shift of paradigm for an experienced Flash developer…


Deep Dive into “HTML5”

How do I develop using Canvas, SVG, CSS3? What’s new in JavaScript? In this deep dive you will learn how to use HTML5 and how new web standards help solve existing challenges on the web. Expect a lot of code, demos, and best practices! Video, Slides, and Links Recorded session: Watch here Slides: Download here…


HTML5 and IE9 Presentations

Back from my European tour: what a great time! I had the pleasure to present in 3 different countries in just 4 days, to meet old friends and to make new one. We talked a lot about HTML5 and Web Standards, we learned about tools or techniques to improve websites performance, we looked at the…


Announcing HTML5 X-Icon Editor

Along with all the other announcements, today I’m very happy to announce the X-Icon Editor, an HTML5 application that allows you to create high resolution icons. I’ll be honest: I love this tool. Let me show you why. First of all, what is a high resolution icon? The ICO format supports multiple resolutions. In the…