Using Facebook and IE8?

If so, you might really like one of these extensions! Btw, who is The Stig?


IEAK 8 for Windows 7

The IE8 IEAK (Internet Explorer Administrator Kit) allows you to create, deploy and manage customized Windows Internet Explorer 8 packages. Several websites have already created their own customized versions of IE8: Yahoo, Ebay, MSN…even Google! A question that I’ve been asked often in the last weeks is: “How can I build a custom IE8 package…


Other demos of new dev features in IE8

In my recent posts, I talked about some of the new Web Standards available with Internet Explorer 8. Since then I received tons of great feedbacks on this blog, on Twitter…even a written letter in my mail-box! This time I would like to highlight a new website created by two amazing guys: Thor Larholm, aka…


IE8 and HTML 5

In the previous post, I showcased the Microsoft commitment to an open and interoperable Web by rendering Web pages in their standards-compliant mode by default. We also understand that developers want to build richer Web experiences with great interoperability, so we started delivering support for some of the features from the HTML 5 Working Draft….


IE8 and Web Standards

In my previous posts, I mentioned my trip around the world. In this and the next few posts, I’d like to share a few demos and resources from my presentations. Test cases to improve interoperability I will start with the IE Testing Center, where you can find over 7,200 test cases we contributed to the…


Back from Australia and New Zealand: Thanks!

In the last weeks I had the pleasure to travel to Australia and New Zealand and spend some time with the local communities of web developers, designers, enthusiasts, students…to talk about Internet Explorer 8, HTML 5, Web Standards, Developer Tools, Expression Super Preview, Fiddler and much more… I have to admit I’ve been very impressed…


ASP.Net Controls for IE8 released!

I’m happy to announce we just released a Web Application Toolkit for Internet Explorer 8! The goal of this Web Application Toolkit is to leverage the new features in Internet Explorer 8 (Web Slices, Accelerators and Visual Search Providers) to extend the reach of your Web site and services also to those users that are…


Most Secure Browser: Internet Explorer 8

NSS Labs, a trusted advisor to the information security community, released today two new Web Browser Security Reports: Malware Report Phishing Report They’ve been testing intensively the latest browsers (Apple Safari 4, Google Chrome 2, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3* and Opera 10 Beta)** to compare their security models and APIs. Note that…


Windows 7 E

If you are working in Europe and you are using the WebOC or WebBrowser control in your applications, you should not be worried at all! Most of the applications will “just work” on the E versions of Windows 7. For a more detailed Q&A, check out this post on the Windows 7 blog. Windows 7…


IE8 Web Slice and Silverlight (e.g. Imagine Cup)

7/21/09 – UPDATE: Added  Source Code (see bottom) With Internet Explorer 8 it’s easy to build Silverlight Web Slices; great examples of this are the OneRiot Today’s Hottest Video or MIX 09 Web Slice. But…how does it work? Let’s have a look to the “Imagine Cup Web Slice”,  just uploaded to the IE Gallery. The slice…