Around the World with a Browser

From Build to FOWA (Future of Web Apps) in London to TechEd China in Beijing: thank you all for your kind feedbacks! It’s great to see so much interest around HTML5, to meet amazing people and to hear so many great feedbacks about the work we are doing in Redmond. For those of you that…


Bing Maps add support for HTML5 Geolocation

Bing Maps is the first online service that provides geolocation support to all desktop and mobile browsers that support the new HTML5 Geolocation APIs. (*) When you navigate to, you will notice a new “viewfinder” icon in the top-left corner of the map. As you click it, the map will zoom automatically to your…


15 Beautiful HTML5 Apps

Had a great time here at FOWA (Future of Web Applications) today. To those of you that asked – here’s a list of all the demo I showed today in my “Build with HTML5” session. Thanks to all the partners, developers, designers, pop idols that worked with us to make it possible. Enjoy. Giorgio Sardo…


Learning HTML5 from Disney Tron:Legacy Digital Book

Try at: Thanks to the amazing teamwork of Disney and Vectorform, it took just about 1 month to build the new Disney TRON: Legacy Digital Book Site, an immersive HTML5 experience built on top of Internet Explorer 9 Hardware Accelerated HTML5. In this post I’d like to share some of the “behind the scenes”…


Unlocking the power of HTML5 audio

Sounds form the background of our life. Today the HTML5 <audio> element enables Web developers to embed sounds in their applications. The flexibility of the control coupled with the integration with the rest of the platform allows several scenarios, from simple sound effects to background audio to gaming experiences to more sophisticated audio engines. This…


Tip: How to encode a video to H.264 (MP4) or VP8 (Webm)

I don’t know what language you talk today, but if you are looking for a simple and free tool to convert videos to H.264 (.mp4) or VP8 (.webm), here’s a quick tip. Install VLC Media Player On the menu, click “Media->Convert/Save” Under the “File Selection” panel, add your video At the bottom, pick “Convert” (or…


Pirates Love Daisies: HTML5 Lessons Learned

As announced on the Windows blog this morning, today Pirates Love Daises – a new HTML5 tower defense game – has been released! Grant Skinner, the leader of the team that built the game, reported his experience on his blog. He shared some interesting thought about the shift of paradigm for an experienced Flash developer…


The battle begins!

Coming on Friday Dec 17 10AM PST…


HTML5 Snow falling on my blog

Based on an interesting script of David Flanagan to generate a snow flake using recursive JavaScript and HTML5 <canvas>, I had some fun during the weekend and added some snow to my blog. David’s implementation is based on several canvas elements (one for each snow flake) added to the DOM tree and animated using CSS….


Is Chrome 4 the next IE 6?

“HTML5” is huge. Different specifications are at different status: First Public Working Draft, Working Draft, Candidate Recommendation, Proposed Recommendation, and lastly Recommendation. As we stated many times before, it’s important to make it right. Browser makers have a big responsibility with developers: it’s wrong to claim “standard support” for a specification that is still changing….