Typeface upside down text in IE9

Good news for developers. If you are using an older version of the typeface library, you might have seen the text upside-down on IE9 Beta – due to some bug in the library itself. The latest version (v0.15) include fixes to these bugs and now fully supports IE9 Standards Mode. Thanks David! Download here: http://typeface.neocracy.org/download.html


Building great browsers together

Building a great browser is complex; this is valid for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and any other browser out there. When we started the planning of IE9, we decided to offer more visibility to developers over the progress of the platform – releasing a Platform Preview every eight week. Thanks to your help,…


Tip: How to encode a video to H.264 (MP4) or VP8 (Webm)

I don’t know what language you talk today, but if you are looking for a simple and free tool to convert videos to H.264 (.mp4) or VP8 (.webm), here’s a quick tip. Install VLC Media Player On the menu, click “Media->Convert/Save” Under the “File Selection” panel, add your video At the bottom, pick “Convert” (or…