What is “HTML5”?

A short answer could be “the future of the Web”. Enough? No, especially if you are a developer. Ninja

I answered more in detail this question at PDC  (links below). Here’s just one slide, where I tried to summarize what’s behind the “HTML5” term.


HTML5 is not only a marketing message, but also the bread that the developers will use for years and years. It is a critical component and as such, it’s very important to make it right. In the session I explained what “right” means for Microsoft and W3C and how we are working to move these specifications forward. Enjoy!

View session: watch the recording online

Download slides: “HTML5”: More Than Just HTML5

Btw, what do you think about HTML5? Are you ready to HTML5-fy your site? Occhiolino

Update 2:04pm: as Chris noted in the comments, David released their CSS 2.1 Report here. However, for some obscure reason (that I still ignore) that report is still not appearing on the designated directory which is here.


This is a great news – as it is another step forward for CSS 2.1. On top of this, Opera released their report as well a few hours ago.  If my counts are correct, here’s the pass rate so far:

Browser Pass Rate
IE9 Beta 97.4%
Firefox 4.0b6 93.83%
Opera 10.70 build9067 89.2%
Safari 5.0.2 85.6%

I can’t find Chrome’s report – anyone have seen it? Secchione

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  1. Christopher Blizzard says:

    Hi, Giorgio.  You should update your slides because they contain incorrect information.  You say that Firefox is "N/A" for CSS test results.  David Baron submitted the results on October 18th:


    Our percentage passing result is 93.83%.

  2. Hey Chris, I was tracking the folder at http://www.w3.org/…/reports (where Firefox report doesn't appear yet as of today). Do you know why it's not visible there yet?

    Btw, I'll make sure to include this info in future presentations, as well as the just released results from Opera.

    This is the beauty of the Web: "panta rei" 🙂

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