Beautiful Things are going to happen on 9/15

After a period of “super-secret activities” that if you know I would be in trouble….I’m back! I’ve never enjoyed so much working with the Internet Explorer team. Smile 

A lot of beautiful things are going to happen in the next two days.Rolling on the floor laughing

Stay tuned on for more updates!

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  1. Bella says:

    Great! I am going to watch the live broadcast tonight!

  2. rjl_austx says:

    IE9 is giving me a migraine headache.  The text is horribly unreadable.  How do we get properly rendered text like IE8?

    Absolutely the worst thing you could have done.

  3. @rjl_austx: what site are you referring to? Make sure to read this post, I think it gives an answer to your question 😉…/feedback-on-the-ie9-platform-preview.aspx

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