jQuery UI Mouse (Slider and Drag&Drop) Bug in IE9

Quick tip: if you are using jQuery UI with IE9, you might hit an issue today. There is in fact a code bug (of the series “do feature, not browser detection”) in the jQuery.UI.Mouse module, which is used by the Slider control or by other drag&drop features. The jQuery team already identified the issue and…


IE9 turns Facebook into a Windows 7 application

Did you know that you can now turn Facebook into a Windows application? Using Internet Explorer 9, you can drag&drop any url to the Taskbar…and the site will become automatically a Windows application! The chrome of IE will adapt to the Facebook logo, you will be able to quickly jump to specific part of the…


Building High Resolution Favicons in HTML5 and IE9

One of my favorite features of IE9 is the possibility to turn any web site into a Windows application and “pin” it to the Windows 7 Taskbar. To make it beautiful, you can also build high resolution fav icons (e.g. 64×64 pixels). How? Some folk at Avarice just sent me a screenshot of a very…


The Endless Mural

Joshua Davis, Branden Hall, Eric Fickes and Ben Arditti: these are the talents that today are changing the Web. Soon available on your screens, the Endless Mural is an extraordinary example of how Canvas can turn any user into an artist and make them part of a big collaborative interactive environment online. HTML5 will change…


Beautiful Things are going to happen on 9/15

After a period of “super-secret activities” that if you know I would be in trouble….I’m back! I’ve never enjoyed so much working with the Internet Explorer team.   A lot of beautiful things are going to happen in the next two days. Stay tuned on www.beautyoftheweb.com for more updates!