Pirates Love Daisies: HTML5 Lessons Learned

As announced on the Windows blog this morning, today Pirates Love Daises – a new HTML5 tower defense game – has been released! Grant Skinner, the leader of the team that built the game, reported his experience on his blog. He shared some interesting thought about the shift of paradigm for an experienced Flash developer…


The battle begins!

Coming on Friday Dec 17 10AM PST… http://www.pirateslovedaisies.com/


HTML5 Snow falling on my blog

Based on an interesting script of David Flanagan to generate a snow flake using recursive JavaScript and HTML5 <canvas>, I had some fun during the weekend and added some snow to my blog. David’s implementation is based on several canvas elements (one for each snow flake) added to the DOM tree and animated using CSS….


Is Chrome 4 the next IE 6?

“HTML5” is huge. Different specifications are at different status: First Public Working Draft, Working Draft, Candidate Recommendation, Proposed Recommendation, and lastly Recommendation. As we stated many times before, it’s important to make it right. Browser makers have a big responsibility with developers: it’s wrong to claim “standard support” for a specification that is still changing….


Next stop of the HTML5 tour: China!

Leaving Seattle’s “snow and fun” behind, I will have the pleasure to visit China in the next few days. If you are attending TechEd Beijing, make sure to come saying nihao to myself and Vittorio! Happy Thanksgiving!


Deep Dive into “HTML5”

How do I develop using Canvas, SVG, CSS3? What’s new in JavaScript? In this deep dive you will learn how to use HTML5 and how new web standards help solve existing challenges on the web. Expect a lot of code, demos, and best practices! Video, Slides, and Links Recorded session: Watch here Slides: Download here…


“HTML5”: More than Just HTML5

This 30 minutes session (presented at the Professional Developer Conference) focuses on the “behind the scenes” aspects of HTML5 and the efforts that Microsoft is engaged in with the W3C Working Groups. Video, Slides and Links Recorded session: Watch here Slides: Download here Links: W3C HTML5 Working Group W3C HTM5 Test Suite Conformance Results W3C…


HTML5 and IE9 Presentations

Back from my European tour: what a great time! I had the pleasure to present in 3 different countries in just 4 days, to meet old friends and to make new one. We talked a lot about HTML5 and Web Standards, we learned about tools or techniques to improve websites performance, we looked at the…


“Deep Dive into HTML5” European Tour

At PDC we discussed the “behind the scenes” of the  HTML5 specification, we talked about the importance of a fast browser to enable richer scenarios and we recommended best practices for cross-browser interoperability. It’s now time to get the hands dirty with some HTML5 code! In a couple of weeks I will have the pleasure…


What is “HTML5”?

A short answer could be “the future of the Web”. Enough? No, especially if you are a developer. I answered more in detail this question at PDC  (links below). Here’s just one slide, where I tried to summarize what’s behind the “HTML5” term. HTML5 is not only a marketing message, but also the bread that…