UK, Germany and PDC: Catch me if you can!

The IE roadshow continues, as I’m again travelling around UK, Germany and PDC in November. This will be a great chance to hear some “European feedback” - I’m looking forward to reporting back to the product team! 😉

Here’s a calendar of the events:

I will talk about Browsers, about Web Standards and HTML 5 work in progress, about the new Web Features and Scenarios, about the Developer Tools, about best practices to improve AJAX performance and much more…

See you around!

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  1. I am still waiting to see if you will release the checkCSS program. What is the hold up?

  2. Martin H. says:

    I was lucky to get the chance being at the internal 1&1 meeting today and enjoyed it and considered it being interesting to listen and get questions answered.

    Since I had to leave some minutes more early I didn’t have the chance to thank you personally, which I catch up on now. Kind regards, Martin.

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  4. Rick says:

    Since you’ve been there, Firefox surpassed IE as the most used web browser.

  5. Dong-Sun Shin says:

    I learnt a lot on from your session when I did not expect to do so. Thanks.

    Like Arne Garvander, I was looking forward to trying out the check CSS program/util… Any more on this tool or point us to something equivalent for us to look at…

    With Thanks.

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