IE8 and HTML 5

In the previous post, I showcased the Microsoft commitment to an open and interoperable Web by rendering Web pages in their standards-compliant mode by default. We also understand that developers want to build richer Web experiences with great interoperability, so we started delivering support for some of the features from the HTML 5 Working Draft….


IE8 and Web Standards

In my previous posts, I mentioned my trip around the world. In this and the next few posts, I’d like to share a few demos and resources from my presentations. Test cases to improve interoperability I will start with the IE Testing Center, where you can find over 7,200 test cases we contributed to the…


IE9 super-fast and super-standard

PDC, Los Angeles. 11/18 of a sunny morning. Steven Sinofsky, Windows President of Microsoft Corp, showed some of the commitments and the work in progress for Internet Explorer 9. Check out his video here. Or, if you are interested to know more details from the IE team, watch the new Channel 9 videos or read…


UK, Germany and PDC: Catch me if you can!

The IE roadshow continues, as I’m again travelling around UK, Germany and PDC in November. This will be a great chance to hear some “European feedback” – I’m looking forward to reporting back to the product team! 😉 Here’s a calendar of the events: London, 04 Nov 18:00: Edge User Group (aka Vista Squad) –…