ASP.Net Controls for IE8 released!

I’m happy to announce we just released a Web Application Toolkit for Internet Explorer 8!

The goal of this Web Application Toolkit is to leverage the new features in Internet Explorer 8 (Web Slices, Accelerators and Visual Search Providers) to extend the reach of your Web site and services also to those users that are not on your site.


The kit include sample projects and the following controls:

  • ASP.NET Web Slice control: Enabling users to subscribe to your content directly within a Web page

  • ASP.NET Accelerator control: To facilitate the access to your Web application or services from any Web page through contextual menu options

  • ASP.NET Visual Search control: Allowing users to search within your site through the browser Visual Search Box

  • ASP.NET Browser Helper control: Used to detect if the visitor of your site is using Internet Explorer 8

Download the code and samples here.
Watch a screencast to get started here.

Happy coding!

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  1. Jayrex3 says:

    no comment ill try first if its good. . thank you

  2. Anas Ghanem says:

    Thanks for the information.

    The main reason that makes me switch to FF was the browsing speed ! I’m still wondering why IE is very slow in browsing,downloading … isn’t these a more important things that Microsoft should concentrate on ?

    Do you have any performance/speed comparison between IE and FF ?

  3. Measuring performance is very difficult, as there are many aspects involved. I believe that with IE8 we made a very good progress on many aspects (increased number of parallel connection/downloads, doubled rendering engine speed, optimized DOM acces, …). There are still areas where we know we can do better…and we will keep improving and offer an optimal browsing experience.

    You can see a video of several top sites running side by side on 3 browsers here:

    If you are interested to the background of that test, you can read a whitepaper here:

    you might also be interested to see our plans with IE9…

  4. Thanks for all of these useful links !

    I hope to see more performance enhancements in the future releases.

    BTW, i just downloaded the Web Application Toolkit for IE8 and i started to play with it, it looks cool.

    Thanks again.

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