Share a creative picture about IE and win a FREE PASS TO MIX

About one year ago, almost at this same time, I’ve been given the opportunity to attend MIX 08. I’ve been in many places and conferences…but that was my first, ever, MIX: I don’t think to have the words to describe the super-extra-gorgeous-awesome-fantastic experience I had there! I can say – without any doubt – that MIX 08 changed my point of view, my career, my life.

This year I’d like to offer the same experience to someone out there. I will give away 1 FREE pass to MIX (FYI, the pass include the conference ticket, breakfast, lunch, parties, bag, bits, …but not the hotel and the flight). Btw, the value of the ticket, according to the latest stock report, is about $1400 🙂

If you are interested (to change your life, OR just to get a free ticket :))…this is what you need to do:

“Share a creative picture about Internet Explorer”

The following rules apply:

  • You can take a picture with your camera, use Photoshop Paint, use your phone, a pencil, oil on canvas, the sand …or any other “tool” you can image.
  • You will need to upload the picture online (i.e. use SkyDrive) and add a comment to this post with the URL to the picture. I will not accept entries sent by email.
  • The picture must be original.
  • You will need to include your email address (I’m not going to send you any spam, I promise :P).
  • Submission deadline: February 23rd, 20:00 pm PST

On February 24th, I will review all the entries and choose the best one. My criteria will be:

  • Original: try to be as much creative as you can. I like people thinking “out of the box”
  • Appropriate: the theme is IE (*). I need to get the “Internet Explorer” idea somewhere in the picture (either the background, a big label, a tattoo,… but also a Web Slice, an Accelerator… ;))
  • (*): you can target IE5…but IE8 will give you more points!
  • Quality: I don’t expect picture with a 6000x4500 resolution…but at the same time I will not consider blurred pics.

If you are looking for inspiration, you can start from the IE website or the new IE Add-on Gallery.

Have fun!

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Comments (17)
  1. Vaibhav says:

    Can we make more than one submission 🙂

  2. Davide says:

    hi Giorgio!

    As I promised I shot something

    Here you can find my "artistic" work

    It’s nothing special but I had fun working on it 🙂

    The idea in the picture is to tell a story where the browser helps seeing the world with another point of view, in this case it gives color to the environment surrounding the dude with the hood.

  3. Well done David! One more day to go… 🙂

  4. tperri says:

    Here is my submission, titled "Building the new and improved IE – one block at a time!"

  5. Davide says:

    ehy Giorgio,

    are games still open? If yes here’s another sub 😉

    c ya,


  6. tperri says:

    Contest closed a couple days ago Davide :/

    I’m eager to hear the results 🙂

  7. Results coming later today… 🙂

  8. Hi TPerri, Massimo and Davide. Thank you for submitting your pictures. You really surprised me with your "out of the box" ideas! It took me some time to pick a winner and I can tell you it wasn’t an easy decision.

    – TPerri did a really interesting design, based on the building blocks idea. I can see how much efforts have been spent to bring the whole pic together, and the attention to the details.

    – Massimo’s picture seems to be real. Massimo took an existing image and he used a lot of imagination to adapt that to the IE logo. The quality of the whole composition is just amazing.

    – Davide first picture is nice, but it doesn’t manifest in a clear way IE. The second picture was definetely better, but it’s not been considered as out of time.

    Adn the winner is…Massimo! Congratulations!

    I’d like to thank you again and I would like to ask you (TO ALL OF YOU!) to send me your email address. I will follow up with each of you in the next days.

    Please note that, in case one of you can’t make it for MIX, I will donate his ticket to the next person (in the order Massimo, TPerri, Davide).

    Thanks again, you’ve done a great job!


  9. Massimo says:

    Hi Giorgio,

    I send to you an email. I’m waiting for your reply in order to start Mix registration!



  10. tiffany says:

    you are looking for inspiration, you can start from the IE website or the new IE Add-on Gallery.

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