Deep Zoom Batch Export using C# – Update

In a previous post I’ve showed how to automate the exporting process of a DeepZoom composition or collection. Meanwhile the Microsoft DeepZoom Composer tool has been updated (and new features have been added too!), breaking my previous sample.

Given the positive feedbacks I received from the previous post, I’ve decided to do some refactoring and updates to the previous solution. The current implementation include:

  1. Class Library: it encapsulate all the wrapping methods of the SparseImageTool.
  2. Test Project: it shows how to use the library. The library can be used from WindowsForms/WPF/ASP.NET….as long as the machine has the SparseImageTool installed.

You can download the updated library and source code here.

The new class diagram is like so:


Given a directory containing all the images and a name for the collection, it’s now really easy to create programmatically a collection.

   1: static void CreateCollection(string collectionName, string sourceImagesFolder, string outputFolder)
   2:         {
   3:             // Create a collection converter
   4:             CollectionConverter collectionConverter = new CollectionConverter();
   5:             // Required parameters
   6:             collectionConverter.SparseImageToolPath = GetSparseImageToolPath();
   7:             collectionConverter.ImagesCollection = GetImages(sourceImagesFolder); // IEnumerable<string> containing the path of the images
   8:             collectionConverter.ImagesDestinationFolder = outputFolder;
   9:             // Optional parameters
  10:             collectionConverter.CollectionName = collectionName;
  11:             collectionConverter.CollectionFormat = CollectionConverter.CollectionFormats.XML;
  12:             //collectionConverter.ConvertedOverlapPixels = ...
  13:             //collectionConverter.ConvertedTileSize = ...
  14:             //TODO: You can customize the exporting experience here, by setting the according parameters such as:
  15:             // Tile Size, File Format, Collection Format, Compression, Quality, ...
  17:             // Attach to completion handler
  18:             collectionConverter.BatchCompleted += delegate
  19:              {
  20:                  Console.WriteLine("Conversion completed\nPRESS <ENTER> TO EXIT");
  21:              };
  23:             try
  24:             {
  25:                 collectionConverter.BatchCollectionExport();
  26:             }
  27:             catch (Exception e)
  28:             {
  29:                 Console.WriteLine(e.Message);
  30:             }
  32:             Console.WriteLine("Conversion started...");
  33:             Console.ReadLine();
  34:         }

You can download the updated library and source code here.

Have fun!

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Comments (11)
  1. Mick says:

    I don’t know how to use the output of this library. Isn’t there a metadata.xml missing?

  2. The output of the library is the same as if exported from DeepZoom Composer. You will then need to create a Silverlight app to show the composition.


  3. Elan says:

    Hello Giorgio Sardo.

    Thanks for the good article.

    I have a problem with this.

    I trying to use your program on my web server.

    when I’m testing on my WebDev Server(VS 2008) it works fine.

    but on my IIS(IIS7.0 ,windows server 2008).

    it doesn’t works.

    I tried on three ways.

    1. web.cofig system.web identity impersonate true

    2. machine.config processModel change username

    3. give a ‘xml and sparseimagetool’ access authority to user(NETWORK SERVICE and etc)

    but still don’t know why. can’t figure out.

    I’m struggling about 3days on this.

    could you give me a any advice?

    It will helps me a lot.

    thank you

  4. Thanks Giorgio!

    I was looking for this since long. The Deep Zoom Composer provides a manual interface for creating collections, but it is often required in applications to programmatically create collections and expose to web. Thanks for this article.

  5. Just a update…

    Your application uses SparseImageTool.exe, which is not shipped now. Instead <a href=’‘ title=’DeepZoomTools.dll’>DeepZoomTools.dll</a> is used for creating image collections programmatically.


  6. Thank you Sandeep, you are right. The DeepZoom team recently built a managed library to create dinamic composition (which wasn’t available when I’ve first written this post). 🙂

    Have a good zoom! 😀

  7. David says:

    can’t do the update with deepzoomtools.dll !?

  8. Mobile phone says:

    For me, this is very exciting, I like this style, I hope to be able to see more 斯蒂芬

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