Silverlight for Mobile TodayScreen Plugin

Today I would like to share with you another video, that showcase a possible use of a Silverlight for Mobile application inside the TodayScreen of a PocketPc. For this demo I combined together the power or the Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional Emulator, SLM, C++ and .NET. 🙂


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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    So anyway Giorgio….can you give us a hint – are we weeks or is it still months away from having something to play with?

    And will you be posting the source code for the demos you did at MIX08? (I’m particularly keen on seeing the technique for gesure recognition, but the nifty UI bits you demonstrated would be a very close second)

  2. Hi Kevin,

    please refer to for the latest news on release of the Silverlight for Mobile CTP.

    I will share sourcode of my demos as soon as a CTP will go online 🙂

    More info about gesture coming soon instead!

  3. Sergio Rozen says:

    Hi Georgio,

    I consider to develop a warehouse mobile application that runs on top of Silverlight for mobile. This application should run on devices such as Motorola MC70, Intermec CN3 or Psion Teklogix devices. Since it is a warehouse application, main requirements are to support triggering actions via key keyboard function keys and handle barcode reading.Will it be possible to support such functionality with Silverlight for mobile?. Is there any demo

  4. Hi Sergio,

    please refer to the previous announcement from PDC or MIX, or to this page for communications about SLM.



  5. Mobile phone says:

    , too bad I’m not invited.. ;-And will you be posting the source code for the demos you did at MIX08?

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