Silverlight for Mobile

It's now official: Silverlight is going Mobile!!

Because I've been in the "black list" of MIX sessions untill few hours ago, here there is a short advertisement about my session smile_regular.

Using Microsoft Silverlight for Creating Rich Mobile User Experiences

Thursday, March 6 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM, Lando 4204

Speaker(s): Giorgio Sardo

Audience(s): Creative

Session Type: Breakout

Come learn how use Microsoft Silverlight for Mobile to build rich mobile experiences including best patterns and practices, fluid and intuitive navigation, smart content organization, small form factor and cross-device support. This session also covers how to use tools like Microsoft Expression Blend to move beyond size considerations to create create stunning and meaningful vector-based graphics applications.


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  1. r1cs1 says:

    i’m looking forward to watch it 🙂

    GL 😉

  2. Tom says:

    Hi Giorio,

    Thank you for a great session today on Silver Light with  Mobile phones.  Will you be posting the project/solution you used during today’s session with Expression Blend 2.5?  I would love to take a closer look at how you did some of those things.   Thanks!


  3. Pradip says:

    I wanted to know about audio and video controls in Silverlight Mobile? Can we create application which has auiods and videos..?

  4. Yes, you will be able to do it! We are supporting the MediaElement control.


  5. flavio says:

    ho visto la tua presentazione davvero interessante.

    Problema non riesco ad avviare una applicazione con silverlight su palmare reale.

    cosa devo installare sul palmare per farne funzionare una ?



    ps. htc pro con windows mobile 6 pro

  6. Ciao Flavio,

    grazie per il tuo feedback. Silverlight for Mobile al momento non e’ ancora disponibile.



  7. Clave says:

    Hi Giorgio,

    Could you explain in more what are the tools that we need to install and how to develop sample silverlight applications which can run on Windows Mobile devices?

    Please reply.

  8. Angel says:

    Hi Giorgio,

    I am also waiting for the same for long time. Can you explain in detail about how to develop an applications(or Media apps) using SilverLight which can run on Windows Mobile devices? What are the steps for installing resources and then follow-up the code?

  9. Hi Angel and Clave,

    SLM is not available yet. Please follow this space for updates 😉


  10. Angel says:

    Hi Giorgio,

    Thanks for the reply. Could you also answer for my other three questions below?

    1. Can i develop WM applications using WPF? If yes, how?

    2. Any idea when will SLM be released?

    3. Can i use "MySpace" Open Platform currently for supporting SilevrLight for WM?

  11. 1. WPF is available on the desktop platform.

    2. No 🙂

    3. I’m not sure to understand the question. I guess you can use the myspace API on WM.

  12. Angel says:

    The third question was about MySapce’s statement from the following link as : "MySpace just announced that it will bring its Open Platform to Windows Mobile phones. The new MySpace mobile application for Windows Mobile will be built on top of Microsoft’s Silverlight platform"



    Which means, can i develop SilverLight platform applications for Windows Mobile phones using ‘MySpace’?

  13. Mobile phone says:

    as I read it aloud to my friend.I guess you can use the myspace API on WM

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