MIX 08

Next week I'm going to present at MIX 08. Unfortunately the topic of my session is still confidential, so I can not talk about it here...smile_secret
One more good reason to see my session!! smile_wink

If going_to_MIX Then

Join my session on Thursday afternoon in Lando 4204 room...or come to visit me in the Sandbox!


MIX session will be recorded and streamed live in 24 hours! Please visit www.visitmix.com to have more information

End If

I will update this blog soon with some MIX content smile_regular

Enojy the MIX!

Comments (9)

  1. Kevin Daly says:

    I just had a look at your previous post…I hope you have the opportunity to combine the Silverlight and mobility parts of your skill set (but then I hope we all do, and soon 🙂 )

  2. Good luck with your talk Giorgio!


  3. Kevin: it would be nice, isn’t it? 😉

    Corrado: Thanks!!

  4. r1cs1 says:

    hi Giorgio,

    first of all, do ur best! i know u will 🙂

    second, here are some links for watching mix08 live. i assume if u change the date at the and of the urls, u will be able to wath tomorrow’s sessions, especially Girogio’s session 🙂



    750kbps http://wm.istreamplanet.com/customers/ms/750_microsoft_mix_080305.asx

    300kbps http://wm.istreamplanet.com/customers/ms/300_microsoft_mix_080305.asx

    100kbps http://wm.istreamplanet.com/customers/ms/100_microsoft_mix_080305.asx

  5. r1cs1 says:

    ok, now it seems i had wrong informations.. those links are just for the keynote 🙁

  6. About one year ago, almost at this same time, I’ve been given the opportunity to attend MIX 08 . I’ve

  7. Share a creative picture about Internet Explorer and win a FREE PASS to MIX!

  8. Mobile phone says:

    Do you have a page where I can repro your issue?I’ve been given the opportunity to attend MIX 08 . I’ve

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