Where did I go? Hotmail!

Just a quick post to explain the silence from this blog. In late August I moved from the Entourage team to the Hotmail Front Door Program Management team. I really should have prepared this post before I made the move, but I was nusy wrapping up loose ends before I left, and since then I’ve…


Don’t drive wearing headphones

Most folks in the MacBU have an iPod of one sort of another. In the last month or two I’ve gotten into countless discussions (well, OK, not countless, but more than one) with otherwise intelligent coworkers about the dangers of driving with headphones. They tend to make arguments about headphones being no more distracting than…


Finding lost mail in your top level Outlook/Exchange root

Let’s say you accidentally drag a message in Outlook from its folder to the top level of your mailbox. You know, that folder that is called “Mailbox – John Doe”, which seems to momentarily hang Outlook when you click on it but is really just preparing the “Outlook Today” view.   Where did your message…


A Brief History of Microsoft’s mail and Exchange clients on the Mac: Part I

I often get asked what the story is with Microsoft’s various Mail clients for the Mac. It will take a few posts to give a full historical overview that will fill in the major details and might answer some of the questions.   This first post discusses the various versions of the Exchange client and…


Is public radio making fun of Microsoft?

On the way to work this morning, sometime just before 7 AM, I was half-listening to one of the local San Francisco Bay Area public radio stations, either KALW or KQED. I was deep in thought about something, so I had mostly tuned out the radio, but at a certain point I became aware that…


An Entourage related Exchange 2000 hotfix is now available

If you are using Entourage 2004 to connect to Exchange 2000 and notice that some mail folders show up in other Exchange clients (OWA or Outlook), but aren’t showing up in Entourage, then your Exchange server may need this recently released Exchange 2000 hotfix. After applying the hotfix, you should follow these steps to get the folders back in…


Viewing a portion of two months in the Entourage month view

I got this feature request for Entourage the other day: Allow viewing a monthly calendar from a given week through the next 4 weeks – not forcing us to view the whole month of July when it is July 20th – instead seeing two weeks in July, and 2 weeks in August   This is…


Working with Exchange white paper now available

It’s a PDF that talks about getting Entourage and Exchange working together. http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads.aspx?pid=download&location=/mac/DOWNLOAD/office2004/WorkingWithExchange.xml And also: Hello, I’m Gil Gordon, a Program Manager in the MacBU. This is my first post. Nice to meet you.