Multi-tenant Data Architecture Whitepaper

Our second whitepaper in our architecting multi-tenant applications series has just been released on msdn. Link: here. In this article, we look at the continuum between isolated data and shared data, and identify three distinct approaches for creating data architectures that fall at different places along the continuum. Next, we’ll explore some of the technical and…


Ballmer’s SaaS-Y plan

In case you had any doubts that Microsoft is fully behind Software as a Service: Article here

SaaS Architecture Guidance on

Some of the content we have been working on, is now available on You’ll find a video (18min.) introducing some of the SaaS architecture issues, a PowerPoint presentation I gave at several architect forums and a link to our overview whitepaper. More to come soon, enjoy!


SaaS Guidance: not only for ISVs

In the last few months, I have been talking to a lot of different companies about SaaS. Initially, my discussions were primarily with ISVs , as many are considering (if not already in the process of) re-architecting their solutions for SaaS delivery; but recently, an increasing number of discussions have been with other “actors” (see…


Chatting with Diego about SaaS

The other days I did one of these cool chat interviews with Diego Dagum, guess what we talked about? J The transcript of the chat is now published here (For the orginal in Spanish go here)

SaaS value proposition for the buyer

  In the last few weeks I have been asked many times what the value proposition of SaaS (for the buyer) is.   On way of looking at the value proposition is to look at (as a buyer) where the money spent goes. In a typical on premise setting, for every dollar you spend on…


SaaS Simple Maturity Model

 A few days ago, Fred and I hosted a BoF at the OpSource Saas Summit. It was a great discussion.   Most of the 15 people who came to the BoF were startups exec. the few others were architects / director of dev. at larger companies. The discussion was not  whether they should move to…