Crikey… I am moving to Australia

In a few weeks, I will be packing all my goods in Redmond and board a big Qantas Airbus A380 to Sydney Australia !! My 4 and 1/2 years in Redmond have been a blast, I'm looking forward to more of those down under.

(for those interested) here is more info about my new job. Just to preempt a likely question: yes, I am still with Microsoft, I don't see why I would not!

It is unclear right now how this blog will evolve, but one thing is sure, my intention is to post more often than I have done recently. I am fairly confident that the iodine-rich air of warm sandy beaches will help my creative process.

cheers mates!

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  1. Many of you know that Norbert Haehnel long-time director of my team, Developer and Platform Evangelism,

  2. DavideB says:

    In bocca al lupo per il tuo nuovo impegno.

    Davide Bedin

  3. Mykre says:

    Welcome to Australia… good to see some guys moving down under instead of leaving us for the states.

  4. Coatsy wrote about Gianpaolo (or as we like to call him, GP) heading downunder back in December – The

  5. I've switched back to FeedDemon as my preferred RSS reader as i kept missing "important"

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