Nephologist: The Hottest Job in the Software Industry!

Nephology (from the Greek word nephos for 'cloud') is the study of clouds and cloud formation. It seems to me that everybody in the IT industry wants to be an expert in cloud these days; cloud computing that is.

Jokes apart, one thing I learned from the real clouds is that : Atmosphere is a dynamic system, and the local conditions of turbulence, uplift and other parameters give rise to many types of clouds. Replace "Atmosphere" with "Software Industry" and you have an idea of why so many "cloud platforms" are currently out there.

Knowing how difficult it is to reliably forecast the weather, I will not try to give you an accurate picture. But, I suppose I can safely say: stormy weather continues with 90% chances of cloud tomorrow.

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  1. Following on from Microsoft's Gianpaolo Carraro with his recent posting on Nephology (the study of

  2. As I mentioned previously , the study of clouds (cloud computing of course) is becoming a very popular

  3. Being a non native English speaker I regularly make pronunciation or grammar mistakes and I usually don’t

  4.   Gianpaolo's blog : Nephologist: The Hottest Job in the Software Industry! I want to be a Nephologist

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