SaaS Undertaker ++

Richard Veynard responded to my SaaS undertaker tongue in cheek idea (previous post) by suggesting a more architectural approach. Structural problems call for structural solutions. That's what architects are for. He says here.

I was also reminded by Tim O'Brien in our Platform Strategy team, that big companies that bet on software from startups routinely make putting source code in escrow a standard contract term as a fallback in case the startup implodes.  He wonders how much of that (in any) is going on in the SaaS space with regards to source, data migration, etc. In my experience, none of that is happening in the SaaS space. Has anybody heard differently?

On a side note, Arvindra, who used to blog here before he became a business manager 😉 suggested another name for the startup company, but I am not sure I can repeat it here,  but it was a good laugh! 🙂

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