Microsoft SaaS Architecture Brainpower Just Increased

I have a new member in my SaaS Architecture team, Eugenio Pace of Composite UI Application Block / Web Client Software Factory fame just joined the team. This is very cool. Why? 2 reasons:

a) Eugenio is a very talented architect who will be bringing a lot of fresh perspectives to the team

b) But also because there will be more SaaS related things we will be able to work on.


Help us decide where to allocate this additional brainpower.

Let us know about the hard problems you are facing with SaaS. Should we go deeper in what we have published already? Should we go wider and explore new territories? If the latter which ones? Are there things we are not doing you would like seeing?


Send me email gianpc (at) microsoft .com or leave a comment.


This is going to be fun!

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  1. Dusan says:

    Let him think about RL SaaS

    Really Large SaaS

    where company X has a data centre, which provdes SaaS to many large customers server farms which in turn provide SaaS to their end users.

    For instance in this case: who/what is the tenant ?

    Thanks: Dusan

  2. I mentioned just over a month ago that our SaaS architecture brainpower just increased with Eugenio joining

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