Want to watch some SaaS TV?


A couple of months ago, Armando an architect at Remend (and now a movie star :)) contacted me via this blog about the SaaS projects he was working on.

After a few back and forth by email, Fred spent some time with them on the phone and was impressed by their sound architecture (of course the fact they were 100% Microsoft technology based did not hurt). To share even more thoughts,  he paid them a visit in the Valley and performed a architecture design session with them.

A few weeks back, Ron (of Arcast fame) spent some time with them and produces 5 short videos provided very interesting input in their business and architecture.

Grab a Coke, put some pop corn in the microwave and enjoy the shows!

ARCast.TV - SaaS @ Work - Remend Overview
ARCast.TV - SaaS @ Work - Remend Architecture Overview
ARCast.TV - SaaS @ Work - Remend Architecture Drilldown on Workflow and Services
ARCast.TV - SaaS @ Work - Remend User Experience
ARCast TV - SaaS @ Work - Remend Database Architecture (to be released on Dec 1)

Comments (2)

  1. Any thoughts on where part five (database architecture) is? That’s the most interesting one for me 🙂

  2. gianpaolo says:

    it will be released on Dec 1…

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