Of course 64 bit is inevitable.

Volker posted that 64bit is inevitable. A few people commented that they weren't so sure... I for one am 100% convinced that Volker is right, I will be running 64bit (as soon  as there will be a 64bit Tablet around)

In the 80’s I was very happy with a Commodre 64 and 5 ½ floppies… my little programs were running great, I was expert in Frogger and virtually unbeatable at boulder dash. Now if I don’t have 2GB RAM for editing my movies, running my various virtual machines and 200GB of various storage I feel constrained. I can so easily see that in a few years (few = less than 5 years) I’ll want/need 32GB of RAM and a couple of terabytes of disk. I bet you that then 64bit will be very very handy.

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