The subscription(s) have been marked as inactive

While you are troubleshooting the following error :

"The subscription(s) have ben marked as inactive"

Please make sure you have checked the following :

1. MSSubscriptions  table and the value is showing as zero for the status column

2. The subscription for transaction replication have not crossed the max. retention period.

3. You have checked the replication monitor or the replication tables and are sure that the subscription should not be marked as inactive.

4. You have checked the distribution cleanup job and the settings for the job is the standard as per the environment.  In my case, we were seeing all the subscriptions were getting marked as inactive in the span of few hours.

5. We changed the value for min. and max. which was set to zero to the standard value and changed the value to 2 in the MSSubscription table and started the distribution job. Once we started the job, we were able to get the transaction delivered.


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