More Team Developer + Data Edition Merge Information

Per October 1st 2008 MSDN subscribers who own or buy a new Visual Studio Team System Developer license are entitled to also install the Visual Studio Team System Database Edition, and  MSDN subscribers who own or buy a new Visual Studio Team System Database Edition license are entitled to install the Visual Studio Team System…


Team Developer + Team Data = Team Developer!

In today’s press release titled: "Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Overview" we announced the merge of the Developer Edition and Database Edition SKU’s.   Better Together – Visual Studio Team System Development Edition and Database Edition In recognition of the increased need to integrate more of the lifecycle members together, we will provide…


Trace Helper

This is the last part of the 3 part diagnostics series. This part will introduce you to a little helper utility that I wrote to make configuring the diagnostics and tracing options a lot simpler and more accessible. As discussed in the previous two blog posts in this series: Diagnosing Problems and Event Monitor everything…


Event Monitor

In part 2 of diagnosing problems I want to introduce you to an other build-in diagnostics tools that we might ask you to run with tracking down problems, the "event monitor". The event monitor is one of those tools that we use during development of the product for troubleshooting problems during development.   Enabling the…


Channel 9 VSDB 2008 GDR Interview

We just released a new Channel 9 interview that covers the Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR functionality that we introduced today. -GertD


VSTS 2008 Database Edition GDR June CTP

Today, at Tech*Ed 2008 Developer, we announced the immediate availability of the first public CTP of the Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR. GDR stands for General Distribution Release. The GDR will be an out-of-band release enabling support for SQL Server 2008. It also introduces the new product architecture, which for those of…


Tech·Ed 2008 Developers

In case you are coming to the Developer edition of Tech·Ed next week, we have a lot of exiting things for you. As you can see below there are many sessions, hosted in both the developer and database tracks. Breakout sessions, chalk talks, panel discussions and hands-on lab, all covering Visual Studio Team System Database…


MSDB Reference Projects

The reference projects needed to resolve objects that reside inside an MSDB database have been posted on the MSDN Code Gallery site. You can find them on: We did not post .dbmeta files but stub projects, because .dbmeta files require the collation to match with your environment. This would result in a multitude of…


Command line SQL Static Code Analysis

We have had a lot of requests from users asking us to make T-SQL Static Code Analysis available at build time and from the command line. The latest Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition Power Tool release, adds this ability to the product through a new MSBuild task. In this blog post I will…


Database Compatibility Level

VSTS-DB, both the 2005 and 2008 version, makes an assumption with regards to database compatibility levels, which can cause problems in certain use cases. The assumption is that the DesignDB instance used for validation of the schema inside the project is set to a 80 compatibility level when using a SQL Server 2000 project and…