NESQL Presentation – Declarative Database Development

Last week, September 10, I was invited by the New England SQL Server User Group to present about my favorite topic “Declarative Database Development”. I posted the slides of the presentation at GertD @


MyDevConnections Volume 2 issue 1

The DevConnections conference organization (Tech Conferences Inc.), just released the latest issue of the magazine accompanying the conferences, named: MyDevConnections. In this edition (volume 2, issue 1) you will find an article that I wrote about “Declarative Database Development – Define What You Want, Not How You Get There!” (see page 68-71). If you did…



This post announces the availability of a small helper utility that will allow you to maintain your database.sqlcmdvars files from a command line tool. Description: What is the scenario? If you are using vsdbcmd.exe to deploy your schema, you include the Database.sqlcmdvars, however vsdbcmd.exe does not have an option to override the values of the…


VSDB 2008 Version Numbers

We frequently get asked how to identify the version a user is running with, so here is the list of Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition releases. The information is retrieved using Help => About Microsoft Visual Studio inside the Visual Studio shell (devenv.exe). Alternatively you can copy the information to the clipboard using…


VSDBCMD.EXE Return Codes

Quick one based on a forum question where somebody asked how to detect if VSDBCMD.EXE failed or succeeded inside a batch file. VSDBCMD.EXE does not return a very elaborate amount of information, there are just two return values 0 and 1, where zero indicates success and 1 failure. So in order to test for this…


Agile Database Techniques

I am happy to announce that there is a new class dedicated to VSDB. “Agile Database Techniques”, is a 3-days course that provides students with the knowledge and skills to properly manage the SQL Server database development lifecycle in an agile environment. You will learn how to manage changes to the database structure, ensuring quality…


Assigning MSBuild Properties to SQLCMD Variables

I am receiving the following question a lot: How do I propagate MSBuild properties to SQLCMD variables. In order to make the Visual Studio 2008 Team System Database Edition GDR release use the data from an MSBuild property inside a SQLCMD variable you need to do three things: Add the variable to the Database.sqlcmdvars file…


DBSchema file for SQL LiteSpeed XP’s

Based on a customer request I created a .dbschema file which contains the definitions of all the extended stored procedures used by SQL LiteSpeed 5.0 that live inside the master database. Since schema import does not import the definition of extended stored procedures, the user could no resolve the reference to the extended stored procedures….


System Objects in TEMPDB

Today a user send me a question how to resolve reference of system objects inside tempdb? My first thought was this should get resolved by loading the master.dbschema file. However this did not resolve the issue, so time to ask for an example, which slightly altered looks something like this: 1: CREATE PROC [dbo].[testproc] 2:…


Declarative Database Development

Define What You Want, Not How You Get There!   If Not Exists… Database development is many aspects behind in comparison to regular application development. If you look how database development is integrated with regular application development or development processes it becomes even more obvious that there is room for improvement in this area. When…