PDC Session Now Online

The PDC session "TL45 Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Database Edition: Overview", which I presented last Monday is now available for online viewing on Channel9.

The video is stream can be found on: https://channel9.msdn.com/pdc2008/TL45/ and I uploaded the slide deck to my SkyDrive: TL45_Drapers.zip

Enjoy the video.


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  1. Yvan says:

    Thanks for publishing your presentation!

    I found it was very interesting to see why and how of VSTS DB.

    BTW, I am very please to see the improvements made on the "Analysis" phase (went from 1h15 to ~5min for 141k checks on my machine).

    I can’t wait for your "How-To" videos!

    thanks; Great Job to you and your team

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  3. sheyenne says:

    Any chance of uploading the code samples?  Thanks for a great presentation and great product.

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