Visual Studio Team System 2008 – Team Suite Beta 2

Visual Studio 2008 beta 2 is now available! The Visual Studio Team System 2008 - Team Suite now includes Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals. The 2008 version is based on the Service Release 1 bits of VSDBPro. The only two additional changes on top of SR1 are that it is included in the integrated setup of Visual Studio Team Suite, so no more additional downloads and there are  a handful of additional bug fixes which did not make it in to Service Release 1.

Follow this link for the Visual Studio 2008 beta download location. Make sure to install the Visual Studio Team System 2008 - Team Suite if you want to test out the VSDBPro functionality.

Check it out.

"DataDude" Software Architect

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  1. What else can I say? The big day has arrived (read the official word here on Soma’s blog ) and we’re

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