Service Release 1 is HERE!

The team is very happy to announce that Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals Service Release 1 is finally ready for consumption!

It took us much longer then expected, but here it is. This is a single Service Release for all 9 languages:

The knowledge base (KB) article describing the service release can be found here

The actual download page can be found here:

"DataDude" Software Architect

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  1. Just a quick note for those of you who are lucky enough to work with VSDBPRO. Service release 1 is available,

  2. hoodg says:

    Confused about DataDude – I use VS professional.  Is Datadude just another addin allowing me to create db projects, or is it a completely separate dev product? Does it require team foundation server? If I wait for VS 2008 is it included in the professional version?

    Thanks for any clarifications.

  3. The Accentient Blog on Using Project to enter "Resources". GertD on Service Release 1 is here! Grant…

  4. Djeepy1 says:


    I’m pleased to see SR1 available because I needed it for variables support. But I’m surprised to see that variables can only be used in a restricted context.

    There is my need in post-deployment scripts :

    IF $(DEBUG) = 1


     –test data for development environment

     INSERT INTO dbo.myTable VALUES(‘some data’)


    But $(DEBUG) used as described upper generates an error at parsing.

    The workaround I use is :

    Declare @debug as int

    select @debug = cast(‘$(DEBUG)’ as int)

    if  @debug = 1

    print ‘DEBUG MODE!!!’

    Anymore smart solution ?

  5. The pre-processor only expand variables and includes and does not have the notion of conditionals. This is only because we wanted to stay compatible with the infrastructure used by SQLCMD.EXE and SQL Server Management Studio.

    We do have a strong need for conditional support based on variables, so we are going to add this in the Rosario release, but by doing that we are breaking compatibility with SQL Server 2005 and 2008 in this area.


  6. The team that builds Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (or “DBPro” for short!) has

  7. Gert Drapers and I recently sat down to film a Channel 9 interview showcasing the new Service Release

  8. If you want to document your database you’ve got to see Gert Drapers on Channel9. Data Dude is answering

  9. My blog has moved to

    The full version of this post can be found here.,…

  10. Just a quick note for those of you who are lucky enough to work with VSDBPRO. Service release 1 is available

  11. Martin Douglas says:

    Is there support for UPDATE FROM syntax with SP1?  It appears the parser does not handle an alias well.  This leads to hundreds of warnings for me.  Snippet from a sample:




    userid = s.userid,

    domain = s.domain,

    status = s.status,


    [Security].[dbo].[AdUsersStage] s


    [Security].[dbo].[AdUsers].guid = s.guid


    [Security].[dbo].[AdUsers].lastupdate < s.lastupdate

    The stage table is aliased as "s" since it has columns identical to those in AdUsers.

    The warning thrown is:

    Warning 1 TSD3006: The relationship from [Procedure] dbo.admsp_adsynch cannot be resolved between the following possible identifiers: [Column] Security.dbo.AdUsersStage.s, [Column] Security.dbo.AdUsersStage.userid, [Column] Security.dbo.AdUsers.s. C:Documents and SettingsdouglmaMy DocumentsVisual Studio 2005ProjectsTestSecurity DatabaseSecurity DatabaseSchema ObjectsStored Proceduresdbo.admsp_adsynch.proc.sql 22 11 Security Database

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