Which 3rd party databases to support?

As you might know the team is working very hard on the next release of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals, which is be part of upcoming the Visual Studio Team System "Rosario" release.

One of the things we are doing in the Rosario timeframe, is converting our current implementation to a provider based model. In Rosario we are introducing the concept of Database Schema Providers (DSP's for short), which will allow partners to plug in support for 3rd party database in to VSDBPro. The VSDBPro team will deliver providers for Microsoft SQL Server platform (2000, 2005, 2008 and Compact Edition).


The question to you is: Which databases would you like to see support for?

Let us know by filling in the following survey:


"DataDude" Software Architect

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  1. macbirdie says:

    MySQL 5+, PostgreSQL 8+, DB2, Oracle and maybe SQLite for starters. 🙂

  2. Jeff Lynch says:

    Other databases? What other databases? (BillG)

    Seriously: Oracle, DB2, PrevasiveSQL, MySQL


  3. wtroost says:

    The kind of functionality in DataDude is most useful for complex corporate databases. I guess most of those are Oracle or SQL Server.

    It won’t take much to convert people from their native SQL coding tool to DataDude. I know I’d drop TOAD for an equivalent of the SQL server client, and DataDude is supposed to be more than that.

    Then again, good luck coding Oracle support 😉

  4. Oracle, Oracle, Oracle…. – and probably MySQL.  I would love to see the ODT product from Oracle gone and Data Dude take it’s place.

  5. Quelli del team di sviluppo di VSTE4DB stanno lavorando sodo alla nuova versione che uscirà insieme a

  6. C’est la question posé par l’un des membres de l’équipe de développement… A vous de choisir ici : http://blogs.msdn.com/gertd/archive/2007/07/03/which-3rd-party-databases-to-support.aspx

  7. I know you already mentioned support for CE and future versions of SQL Server but it would be great if we could provide one set of scripts that could be automatically "downgraded" to earlier or scaled-down versions of SQL Server. I have a situation now where I want to support SQL CE and Express for a simple application but I have to implement two different deployment strategies and maintain two separate sets of build scripts that are about 95% the same.

    My thanks to you and your team on a great product! I have been using Data Dude at work for a few months now and we will be converting other database projects to use Data Dude as we are called to make changes to the apps.

  8. troubles says:

    Only in "Rosario" !?

    I was under the impression it will be in Orcas… too bad.

    I vote for Oracle. When should we expect Rosario CTP/Beta  ?

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