v1.0 RTM

Yeah, it is for real!

Today the product team has officially signed off on v1.0 of "Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals". Build x251 is released to manufacturing (RTM).

It was Euan Garden who started talking about the need for a product like this in November 2004; this is when the "DataDude" was first conceived. In April of 2005 the project was funded and the team was established in July of 2005 by hiring Cameron Skinner as the Product Unit Manager for this product. In November of 2005 we reach critical mass and effectively January 1st of 2006 we started building on what is now known as "DataDude v1.0".

It truly feels great to build a product from incubation to release within a year! 10358 check-ins; 315 daily builds; 7 CTP's; 19 developers, 14 testers; 4 program managers; 3 managers and one "DataDude" is what it took to get here. It has been a fun ride, but it ain't over, the "DataDude" is far from being done, there are many exciting new things coming your way. So please keep the feedback coming, we have and will continue to incorporate your feedback and requests in to the product, because we build this product only for you!

The product will show-up on the MSDN download site around December 7 or 8th.

On behalf of the complete product unit, I want to thank all of you for the continuous support and feedback that you have been providing and I hope you like the product. The team is going to take some time off and then start working on the next release!

"DataDude" Development Manager

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  1. Julian-Kuiters says:

    Well done guys! Can’t wait to start using DataDude for all my database projects.

  2. gabriel.lozano says:

    "19 developers, 14 testers; 4 program managers; 3 managers"

    Euhm lol @ 4 program managers and 3 managers (?) that seems like an awful lot of overhead

  3. Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals, AKA Data Dude , was official Release to Manufacture

  4. Gert Drapers posted recently to announce that Datadude has hit RTM. Version 1 of Visual Studio Team Edition

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  6. Data Dude v1.0 RTM 1년이 안되는 짧은 개발 기간동안 많은 난관 끝에 VSTE for DBPro가 빌드 251로 RTM되었다고 합니다. 개발 매니저인 Gert의 이야기로는:

  7. We have released the final V1 bits to manufacturing! WooHooo!!!! 🙂 This has been quite an exciting journey,

  8. Rob Caron says:

    As noted on Matt Nunn’s blog ( Musing on Database Development : We are done!!!! – Visual Studio 2005

  9. anony.muos says:

    This thing should be a free update for owners of the Visual Studio TEAM SUITE.

  10. This is a free update for Visualt Studio 2005 Team Suite owners.


  11. WesleyB says:

    Great job and great timing since I can really use a data generation tool at the moment 🙂

  12. B# .NET Blog says:

    It’s ready! Check it out on Gert’s blog: RTM Download Available on MSDN v1.0 RTM Have fun!

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  14. Sam Gentile says:

    I am SO busy with INETA trips and tons to do at work. Here is what I have stored up for the last week

  15. You have probably read on blogs everywhere that Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals…

  16. Sam Gentile says:

    I am SO busy with INETA trips and tons to do at work. Here is what I have stored up for the last week

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