Wow, I am happy to announce that CTP6 of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals is available for download, right now!

We took an extra week plus 1 day to get here, but I am sure it is worth the wait, this is an overview of the highlights in CTP6

  • Full support for SQL Server 2000 & 2005 objects, the parser work has been completed
  • Extended Properties support, we now import and deploy all your extended properties
  • Inline constraint support, if you do not want to separate them out, we allow them inline as well
  • Pre- and post deployment scripts population during Import Script
  • Full support for command line build & deploy and Team Build
  • A new Import Schema Wizard which is also integrated with the New Project Wizard to make project creation and import a single stop shop
  • Synchronize your database project from Schema Compare, compare your project with a database and pull the differences in to the database project
  • Schema refactoring is now allowed even if you have files in a warning state
  • Resolve 3 and 4 part name usage when the referenced database is locally present, same for linked servers
  • The product no longer installs SQL Express; you can pick your own SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition or SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition instance on the local box. When you first start the product for the first time we will ask you to choose an local instance to use
  • Display detailed Schema Object properties in the VS Property Window for selected objects in the Schema View
  • Separation of user target database settings through user project files, this allows users to work against a different target instance without changing the main project file.
  • We made great progress on the overall stability and performance of the product across the board, project creation, importing your schema, reloading project and making changes to your schema
  • And last but not least we fixed many reported customer problems!

This is the last CTP where we will ask you to recreate your project file, sorry. After this we will provide an automatic upgrade of your project and script files.

Before you installing CTP6 you have to uninstall ALL previously installed CTP's. If you are using the CTP5 Patch, you have to uninstall this first using the Uninstall link in your Start ► Program Files ► Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 ► Uninstall

After that you can uninstall CTP5 using Add/Remove Programs

If you uninstalled all previous CTP's you are ready to install CTP6 from this location.

Some other notes:

  • CTP6 will expire March 1st 2007; yes we will release the final version before this time 🙂
  • CTP6 installs on top of Visual Studio 2005 Pro and higher
  • CTP6 requires a local SQL Server instance either SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition or SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, we no longer use or support SQL Express; the final product will include SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition, but you need to install it yourself, the installation is not integrated. 
  • CTP6 installs the redist of SQL Server SMO, this dependency is will be removed in the final release. When installing, make sure that all application using SMO are closed, preventing the necessity for a reboot after install

Please let us know what you think, either through the MSDN forum or send us e-mail.

Thanks for your support,
"DataDude" Development Manager

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  1. SSIS Junkie says:

    As reported in many places, most prominently here , CTP6 of Visual Studio team System for Databsae Professionals

  2. Just in case you’ve not already read it on Gert’s or Cameron’s blogs, CTP6 for "Visual Studio Team Edition…

  3. B# .NET Blog says:

    Gert Drapers, development manager for DataDude and SQL guru for life, announces the availability of CTP6…

  4. The CTP 6 of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals is available for download…

  5. Just had the good news from Gert Drapers that CTP6 of DataDude (aka Visual Studio Team Edition for Database

  6. djchapai says:

    I just installed the DB Profesional Tools and imported my database in there and I want to share some of my initial impressions. First of all I want to say that this product has been due for quite some time. Database development and deployment as seen by the application developer and deployment developer has traditionally been seriously overlooked so it is good to finally have this product on the shelf. And based on my 10+ years of experience in SQL Server development, I think this product really nails it. However here are some of my initial gripes:

    – The local SQL server requirement is a big negative. As one of the bloggers says, many organization don’t allow developers to have local SQL server instances and mine at this point is one of them! Secondly, I just don’t agree with the instant validation approach. I want to develop my scripts on the local drive, version control in VSS or TFS and then do partial deployment against a development server on one or many files when I am wearing my application developer hat. When I am wearing my deployment developer hat, I want to do full deployment of database code (functions, views, procedures) for validation reasons to make sure everything still builds without error; and also I want to only do only version-specific deployment of schema changes (tables, etc) and maybe, maybe I want to do a deployment against an empty database. Again in my experience, when deploying against an existing server you want to do delta scripts (dev vs test, test vs prod, etc…). Even when creating against a new server, you can restore backup from (dev, test or prod) and then run the scripts on it. So I personally I am not a big fan of the build from scratch concept (the one big build file), although I can see how it can be used. So to summarize, I want to develop offline, execute against a database whenever I want (but not always) and be able to neatly separate database code from schema and data changes when deploying.

    – The default template for functions, views and procedures is CREATE. I think it should be ALTER. As a developer you want to modify and then execute. CREATE will break. The old stored proc templates did DROP/CREATE, but that screws the dependencies during deployment. I think the default template should be CREATE dummy proc/ALTER

    – Filtering the object list menu item is an absolute must. In Management Studio they introduced the killer "filter the object list" context menu item. Been waiting for this for years. As a developer working on complex databases with hundreds of objects, it is an absolute must that I have filtering. Otherwise I am scrolling down lists of objects for minutes. Either I have filter, or the tool should allow me to add custom folders or create automatic folders by schema. In SQL Server 2005, we use schemas extensively to compartmenalize and organize the code.

    – Another way to organize the schema code is by table and that means putting all the constraints, foreign-keys that relate to a table in the table.sql script. Whatever you get in sp_help should be there. There should be at least an option to generate the code do thing this way.

    That’s all I have for now.


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