A New Role

If anyone is still following this blog, you know that I moved from our content development group to our engineering group.  My role in the content dev group was as a Certification Product Planner for our developer and SQL Server certifications.  The role I moved to in the engineering group was a program management role.   The PM role in Microsoft is loosely defined and finding your niche in that role can be challenging as it encompasses many different disciplines in software engineering, project management, people management, influencing with out authority, etc, etc, etc.

I came to the realization after more than two years in that role, that it wasn't what I thought it might be.   It didn't excite or energize me as I had hoped it would.

After some evaluation and consideration, I decided it was time to make a change again.  So I left that role and moved to our content development group.   Not as a Certification Planner but as a Technical Content Development Manager.   I still find the word "Manager" at the end of that odd as I don't "manage" anybody per se.  

In my new role, I will be working on planning content for our target audiences in the developer arena.  That means working with content development authors to write the content and manage that process.  While that is an important aspect of the job, the part that excites me the most is that I actually get the opportunity to author content too.  I've enjoyed writing technical content over the years and this seems like a natural fit for me.



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