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I’m a slacker, I know.  However, I have been a little busy getting ready for our next fiscal year of exams.  So that’s my excuse.   Smile

Monday, July 12th is the day for the live release of our new Microsoft SharePoint 2010 exams.  All four will release at the same time, two developer exams 70-573 (TS) and 70-576 (Pro) along with two IT Pro exams 70-667 (TS) and 70-668 (Pro).  Many thanks to those who took the beta exams and we do apologize for the comment SNAFU on the developer exams.  We did take a lot of feedback from folks who took the exams and as a result of the comment issue, sent their feedback directly to the SharePoint folks or us.    We also held a session here in Redmond for a final evaluation of every question on both exams to ensure validity, relevance, and accuracy.  These sessions were populated by your peers as well as Microsoft SharePoint product group Program Managers and Dev Leads.

What’s new?

We will finish a Silverlight 4 design this week and start development efforts shortly on our first ever Silverlight exam.  YAY!  We have an excellent group of subject matter experts in the design session, all recommended by the Silverlight group here at Microsoft.  I’m certain you will be happy with the outline we they are creating.  As usual, we can’t cover it all and we can’t satisfy everyone’s desires for content coverage, but this exam is shaping up to be a great first start at getting certified on Silverlight.

What else you ask?

We are getting together the resources necessary to create a developer exam for Windows Azure.  So if you’re ready to developer for the cloud, as I’m certain you all are anyway or at least have been developing for the cloud for awhile, you can look forward to an Azure certification later this year.  Well, likely early 2011 by the time we get it completed and released.

After that, we turn our focus on the database gurus among you as we start our way down the path for new certifications for the next version of SQL Server.  Of course nothing is written in stone yet but expect some coverage on these next exams of SQL Azure as well.

Finally, the discussions for a Software Tester certification are still ongoing so I’ll keep you up to date on how that progresses.

The last item for today is around PBT.  Performance-based testing.  We are still working hard on making this a reality for Microsoft Certifications and the developer community.  This month and next we will be hosting some feedback sessions for a proof-of-concept around a PBT for Web development using VS 2010 and .NET 4.   These sessions will be held at our internal training event known as TechReady as well as at VSLive this summer.

That’s all I have for today, hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.  The Greater Seattle are is enjoying beautiful blue sky, sunshine, and temperatures in the high 80’s and low to mid 90’s.  For those in the metric parts of the world, that’s mid to high 20’s and low 30’s.  Yeah, sleep is not going well this week.   I need an air conditioner, or at least enough time to install the central unit I have sitting behind the storage shed. 



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  1. JeremyJeanson says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Nothing else about Visual Studio 2010 certifications as Windows Workflow Foundation ?


  2. Hi Jérémy,

    Sorry, no Workflow Foundation at this time.  It's something that is still on our radar but I have no plans for it this fiscal year.  Not to say that the WF folks won't come and start conversations around an exam for it, but I have no indications that will happen yet.


  3. Koen van der Linden says:

    Hi Gerry,

    As the SP exams go live today, I still haven't received all the beta exam results. Any idea when all results will be processed?

  4. Koen van der Linden says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Results just came in. Passed all four ;-).

    Kind regards

  5. Norsten says:

    When will the 70-521 & 70-523 upgrade exams (from MCPD 3.5) be available? -and where can I get more information regarding topics covered in the exams?

  6. I have the same question as Norsten has above about the UPGRADE exams for .NET 4.0. Since Microsoft has recently upped the Gold partnership requirements, our NEED to be certified in .NET 4.0 ASAP.

    On a side note, there is an ERROR on the Web page described what certifications are earned when passing the UPGRADE exam 70-455. When passing this UPGRADE exam you should earn both MCTS and MCITP credentials for SQL Server 2008, not just the MCITP credential.

    See here:…/exam.aspx

  7. Norsten says:

    Hey Gerry,

    Dont be shy  -share some info about the 70-521 & 70-523 exams  


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