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Want to see if you’re ready to develop for the Azure platform?  Do you have what it takes to create Web apps using ASP.NET, JavaScript, AJAX and Silverlight?  What about desktop apps using WPF?  Perhaps you're the service developer using WCF or maybe you're good at data access with ADO.NET.

Ever tested your knowledge on these topics?  Want to?

I have just the opportunity for you.

I know some of you are just waiting for the announcement while some of you may find this page through a search engine and have no idea what I’m talking about.  Whatever brought you here is not important at the moment.  What is important is that I am providing advanced notice of upcoming exams for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4. 

Why is this worthy of your time?  If you decide you want to take one, or more, of these exams, it’s important to know what you’re up against and what it will cost you. 

First things first.  Cost. Simple. You don’t have to pay anything to take these exams.  Absolutely, 100% free, no charge, take ‘em while you can.  There are no catches, no caveats, no tricks.  Free is free in this case.

In case you doubt me, let me explain what a beta exam is and why we are offering it for free.  During our exam development process, we make the actual exams available, at a Prometric testing center, for no charge.  This is a step that helps us increase exam quality by having industry experts evaluate each question, by taking the exam, and providing feedback to Microsoft.  We use your feedback to fix, replace, or scrap questions that are technically incorrect, not relevant, etc.  You help us create a better product for your fellow developers that will have to pay for the exam.

Some common questions and answers are provided here;

1) How much does it cost to take a beta exam? – Absolutely nothing but your time.   There is no charge.  Nothing from Microsoft or Prometric. 

2) Is this a real exam? – Yes it is.  Even though the questions are not scored at the time you take the exam, they are real questions and the exam is real.  If you pass the exam, you earn the certification just the same as if you took it in a non-beta environment.  This means you don’t get a pass/fail or score immediately following the exam, but you do get notified 8 to 10 weeks later because we move slow in getting the final scoring in place.

4) What is the main difference between a beta and non-beta exam, besides cost? – The beta exam will show you questions that have not been through a final QA check.  You are that final QA check.  Non-beta exams expose you to 40 or 45 questions and you have a total of two hours to complete it.  The beta exam could expose you to as many as 125 to 150 questions and take up to four hours.  (bathroom breaks permitted).

5) Who is eligible? – The prep guides will go into more detail about the target audience for the exams, and the links to those will be forthcoming, but, If you use .NET 2.0, 3.5, or 4, and Visual Studio to create software applications using the technologies included in the .NET framework, you are eligible.

6) Why is this beta different from others? – In the past, we have focused our beta invitations on a small set of subject matter experts.  We want to expand the beta offerings even more to industry experts who haven’t taken an exam yet, are considering it but don’t want to invest the money until hey know what the exam is all about, and to get a larger set of experts providing the feedback to help drive quality.

7) In the past, I have tried to register but the exam slots were all full.  How will this be any different? – We set a maximum limit on the number of beta exams that can be delivered.  This is necessary for various reasons, some obvious and some not, but I won’t be going into those here.  To alleviate the issue of the exams filling up, we are increasing this maximum limit to address two problems, not enough open seats and no-shows.  That’s right, people actually register for an exam and then don’t show up to take it.  Even it is free.  No-shows result in exam seats being unavailable to someone who wanted to take it but could not. 

8) When will these be available? – All but one exam will be available between the dates of March 31, 2010 to April 20, 2010.  Mark your calendars now!  We will also be opening registration earlier for these as well.

9) What exams are we talking about?

70-511 TS: Windows Applications Development with Microsoft® .NET Framework 4
70-513 TS: Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft® .NET Framework 4
70-515 TS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft® .NET Framework 4
70-516 TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft® .NET Framework 4
70-519 Pro: Designing and Developing Web Applications using Microsoft® .NET Framework 4

70-518 Pro: Designing and Developing Windows® Applications using Microsoft .NET Framework 4 will not be available in this time frame but should be available in the April time frame.

10) How do you sign up? – In a little while, I will be making a post to this blog again with the link to the prep guide, Prometric’s web site for registration and the all important beta exam codes that change that cost in your shopping cart to $0.

As always, if you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please start the dialog here.


Comments (112)

  1. Damien says:

    Hi Gerry

    Thanks for the info.  Just curious about the upgrade exams (yes I know they aren’t done through the beta process).

    What is the Enterprise exams?  Are there any further details available on that which explain the other certifications that you get if you do an upgrade?

  2. Roy28 says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Its nice that beta exams are available now!

    I am just wondering where will I be able to find the topics of the relevant exams?


  3. Adam Gritt says:


    Are there going to be similar Beta Exams for the upgrades of the 3.5 to 4.0 certifications?  Currently I have the Windows, ASP.NET and Enterprise MCPD’s.  I am wondering if I should try these Beta Exams or hold off for the Upgrade versions?


  4. Hi Damien,

    The is no Enterprise certification or exam in the VS 2010 certification track.  We will be doing some market research to better understand what an "Enterprise Developer" is in relation to current and new technologies.   SaaS, Cloud Computing, and Azure are some big contributors to what we are reviewing as a part of this effort.

    We just didn’t feel that an MCPD Enterprise was the correct thing to do this time around without supporting research to ensure we are targeting the correct audience and that it provides those with the credential, a proper certification that maps to the job role and what industry expects.


  5. Hi Roy28,

    I will be posting the preparation guides to the Microsoft Learning web site shortly.

    The links will be provided here when I announce the beta codes for he exams.


  6. Hi Adam,

    We do not hold beta deliveries for the upgrade exams.  The reason is that the upgrade exams are composite and contain material from the requisite MCTS and MCPD exams.

    Once those exams go through their beta phases and the final items are selected, the upgrade exams are created and the content from each exam is included as necessary to create the upgrade exams.  As a result, the material has already been through a beta process and doesn’t require another pass.


  7. Dave Lowe says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Really looking forward to taking these betas, can’t wait for the sstudy guides



    Also i spotted a typo on this post

    "Perhaps your the service developer using WCF or maybe your good at data access with ADO.NET."

    should i think be

    "Perhaps your the service developer using WCF or maybe you’re good at data access with ADO.NET."

  8. Hi Dave, thanks for the typo heads-up.  Fixed it.  🙂

    The team is working hard on getting the training kits ready to go.  They will cover the MCTS exams as in the past but looks like there won’t be any for the Pro level exams.

    But, Pros don’t need books right?  Isn’t it all on the job experience?  :_)


  9. Ken says:

    So would you prefer that only experts on the subject matters register for the beta exams?  I am only mid-level on general ASP.NET 2/3.5 development, a little winforms and haven’t really used WCF.  Should I still register for these exams?

  10. Hi Ken,

    What I prefer and what people do sometimes are at complete opposites to each other.  🙂

    If you take a look at any of our existing prep guides, they indicate in the target audience portion, the type of experience we "recommend" that you have prior to taking an exam.

    Having said that, people look at "free" and think, "what have I got to lose?.

    Realistically, if you have some experience, by all means take the exam.  If you have no experience, like you metnion about WCF, it likely isn’t worth your time or effort to sit an exam and find out what you already know, that you don’t know the topic.

    Sounds like you are a great candidate for the Web developer exam.  The Windows exam covers more WPF than Windows Forms this time around though so you may want to think that one through first.

    These exams are not designed to prove you are an expert.  They are designed to show that have a base level of knowledge and skills.


  11. Rob Hagman says:


    Does the 70-536 exam remain a requerment in this new track ?


  12. Hi Rob,

    70-536 is only required for exams on .NET 2.0 and 3.5.  It does not carry forward, nor is it required, for the .NET 4 exams.


  13. John says:

    What will be the equivalent to 70-536 for the .NET 4 tracks? Will there be a core .NET skills exam?

  14. Hi John,

    There isn’t an equivalent exam.  No core .NET exam for this set of certifications.  


  15. Mahesh says:

    Is there any course material/books recommended for these exams?

  16. Hi Mahesh,

    When the prep guides for these exams are published, they will list the Microsoft training resources that are, or will be, available.

    Most third-party training vendors don’t get started on prep materials until they have seen the prep-guides to ensure they are matching the exam objectives.  I cannot tell you who will create training material for these exams as we don’t control third-party vendors and what they develop.

    If you have followed any of my previous posts, you will know that I am of the opinion that to prepare for these exams, it is best to use the prep guide to identify the areas you need to be proficient on, use the product and MSDN to learn and practice those skills that you are weak on.


  17. afortaleza says:

    Hello Gerry, given that the beta exams will begin soon, can you tell us when will the non-beta exams be available ?

    I was starting studying for 70-536 when I read about 4.0 certs and now I’m waiting for the prep guide to study for the 70-515 certification

  18. afortaleza,

    The live versions of the exams will be available the first week of July.


  19. Amit says:

    Is this exam available for india as well??

  20. Hi Amit,

    The beta will not run in India or China.  THe live version will be available in July however.


  21. Tony says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Will the beta exams be avaliable to take in the UK?



  22. VJ says:

    Hi Gerry

    When do you think we will know the syllabus (skills measured) for VS2010 exams ?



  23. Hi VJ,

    I will be publishing the prep guides in the next week or so.


  24. MarcelMalik says:

    Hello Gerry,

    Will the beta exams be avaliable in Germany?



  25. Hi Marcel,

    There seems to be some confusion about a previous answer posted above so I will clarify here.

    These exams will be available worldwide with the only exceptions being China and India.  All other countries with a Prometric testing center will have access to these beta exams at the same time.


  26. nicks says:


    God wot the heck m here for?

    Iam a student learning c, c++ and also starting java now(nothing formal).

    Wondering if i can apply for any of those after going through the course material u’ll provide.

    If the answer is yes or no then wot would be the best for me?

    Hope m not bugging u hun 🙂


  27. nicks,

    If you are just starting out in C/C++ or Java, I wouldn’t recommend that you consider taking these beta exams.  The material covered in these exams is on developing applications using various .NET technologies such as ASP.NET, ADO.NET, WPF and WCF.  If you are not familiar with these technologies and have some experience developing with them, you are not a good candidate for these exams.

    And no, you are not bugging me.  🙂


  28. Anna says:

    Hello Gerry,

    Will the beta exams be avaliable in Norway?

    with best regards, Anna

  29. Hi Anna,

    Two posts above I answered that question.  🙂

    However, I’m glad you posted because I did make one mistake in that post.

    I said worldwide availability except India and China.  I forgot to add Pakistan to the excluded list.

    So, the answer to you is yes, it will be available in Norway.

    However, the next person that asks me if these will be available in their country will automatically exclude that country from the beta.  🙂

    Not really, just a little morning humour.


  30. Mads says:

    Hello Gerry,

    If 70-536 will not longer exists, will we have another (new) exam about "core" of .NET Framework, like it?!

  31. Mads,

    Short answer is no.


  32. Phil says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Will these exams be available in USA ??

    Didn’t you forget to add USA in the banned list ??

    Also, do you know why those countries are beta-excluded ?? and who makes the translation for exams ?

  33. Ok, that’s it, Phil just got the US on the excluded list.  🙂

    Yes I do know why the listed countries are excluded from the beta exams.  Am I allowed to make allegations?  No.  Am I allowed to speculate?  Yes.  Am I allowed to post my speculations?  Probably not.

    If you think hard enough about it, I am certain you can come to the appropriate conclusions.  🙂

    Who makes the translations?  I do.  I speak 140 different languages fluently and am well versed in all developer technologies.  

    Not really.

    We actually put the language translations out for bid and have various partners perform those translations for us.  So, as to who, many different vendors have worked on the exam translations.


  34. Andres770105 says:

    Hi Gerry.

    Where can I find the 70-515 and 70-519 exam contents?

    Thanks in advance!

  35. Hi Andres,

    As I mentioned above, the prep guides are not posted yet but will be shortly.  They will outline what is covered on the exams.

    Look for that announcement soon.

  36. jawed says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I am planning to take 70-536 and 70-528 in May 2010. Will I still hold the credit of a MCTS when the new .NET 4.0 Exams come in?



  37. ali2000 says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I am planning to take 70-536 and 70-528 in May 2010. Will I still hold the credit of a MCTS when the new .NET 4.0 Exams come in?



  38. Hi Jaweed,

    Yes, you will still have the MCTS certification.  You will continue to be certified until we retire the exam and certification.   This won’t happen until Microsoft ends mainstream support for that Visual Studio version.


  39. Lino Goncalves says:

    Hi Gerry,

    The skills being measured for each of .NET 4.0 exams (70-511, 70-513, 70-515,70-516, 70-518, 70-519) are available from:

    What will the prep guides provide in addition to the above? Thanks.



  40. Hi Lino,

    These are the prep guides.

    Somebody hit the publish button before I had a chance to post here that they were available.


  41. Brandon says:

    28% of the exam is web forms and only 10% is mvc?  good to see some love for MVC but not as much as there should be.

  42. Hi Brandon,

    Keep in mind that your peers decided "what" whould be on the exam and then another larger group of your peers decided "how much" coverage each component should get.

    An important consideration here is not how cool, new, or useful a technology is but rather what is important from a skills and knowledge perspective at this time in the industry.

    Microsoft does not dictate to the subject matter experts that design these exams, what they must include or not.  We do indicate that new technologies should be covered when they are included in a product release or part of a technology but that is it.  

    There will never be 100% satisfaction between all developers when it comes to what is on an exam but we expect the subject matter experts that help use design and create these exams to tell us what is most important from a day-to-day perspective with the covered technologies.

    As MVC grows and gains in usage, you will likely see more coverage on the exam in future versions but for now, the industry has spoken and this is where this exam sits in terms of MVC.

    I don’t say this to remove blame or responsibility from Microsoft for what is covered on the exam, merely to help you and others not familiar with the process to better understand how these percentages are arrived at.


  43. afortaleza says:

    Hello Gerry, why is it that if we sum up the relative weight of each topic it adds up only to 75% and not 100%  ?


  44. afortaleza says:

    My last question was refering to the 70-515 exam.

  45. Likely because I’m math challenged.  🙂

    I’ll check that on Monday when I’m back in the office.  I take these values from the weighting sheet and I likely either missed one, or included the wrong value in one or two.

    It should total to 100%.  Thanks for catching this.


  46. Brandon says:

    Fair enough Gerry regarding MVC coverage.  But it just goes to show how quickly the exams are out of date because of how long the cycles are on them. The exam objectives for 70-515 won’t get updated for 3 or so years and I could easily see where web forms are obsolete because a better technology has replaced it (just like web forms did to classic asp).

    This has led me to post a question regarding a scenario today where someone would choose web forms for a new project over mvc because I can’t come up with a valid one.

  47. And now you see why it’s so difficult for use to create a certification on Silverlight.  🙂

    While I agree with your sentiment about the technology coverage being out of date I will also point out another consideration.

    While ASP.NET in relation to MVC is like comparing ASP to ASP.NET, remember that not all developers worldwide use the latest and greatest.  There are still organizations developing and maintaining code on VB 6.  Our Visual Studio 2005 certification exams are still being delivered.

    Essentially what I’m saying is that in 3 years, these exams will be the old technology and a new set of exams and certifications will take their place, and will cover the newer technologies.

    It’s a constant game of catchup and while there are those in the industry, such as yourself, that are early adopters and use newer technologies, there are still those who provide feedback that they want is to slow down and stop creating new exams for every version of the Framework and Visual Studio.

    There will always be a need to balance the possible with desirable.  That balance is never an easy one to obtain.

    Let me know some of the responses you get on your question and we can post them here.


  48. André says:

    Hi Gerry.

    Do we still need LINQ to SQL covered in ADO.NET exams? I thought it were deprecated.

    And for those who pass these beta exams, will they receive a special nomination of some merit? I think it does exists in regular exams.


  49. Hi André,

    As far as I know, it is not deprecated.  It was only introduced in .NET 3.5 and is still available in .NET 4.

    At any rate, the subject matter experts agreed it is still important and deserves coverage on the exam.

    As for special mention when passing a beta exam, no.  You are given the opportunity to take the exam for free but there is no special recognition.  If you pass, you simply receive the same credential as if you passed the live version.


  50. Brandon says:

    I’m still waiting for the link to be posted. I check back every day. While this is good for your page views, do you know when you are going to post the registration links so I can stop?

  51. Euo says:

    Hi Gerry,

    How about Windows Azure? will there be any Beta exam for Azure? I would like to take if there’s any. Thanks


  52. Um, no, I have no firm date set for the links.

    Just subscribe to the RSS feed on my blog and you will see the post when I make it.


  53. Hi Euo,

    No Azure specific certifications in this round.



  54. dattachidrawar says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I have a MCTS certification for the web development. Would there be any upgrade beta exam(s)? Also can you please let me know when the prep guide and exam schedule will be posted.


  55. Hi dattach,

    There will be upgrade exams but only for the MCPD certification.  There are no upgrade exams for MCTS exams.  Also, there are no betas for upgrade exams.

    The VS 2010 exams will be in beta in early April, the beta codes and announcements will be made here this week or next.

    Prep guides are avalable online now for the MCTS and MCPD, none for the upgrades yet.  They can all be found here;


  56. Phil says:

    Which exams do I need to pass in order to be

    MCPD: Web Developer 4

    I know that Exam 70-519 (PRO Web) and maybe Exam 70-515 (TS Web)

    Are 70-516 (ADO) and 70-513 (WCF) also required ?

    My doubt is because in the 3.5 version they where requered for MCPD Enterprise, but not for MCPD Web.


  57. Hi Phil,

    There is no MCPD Enterprise this time around just as an FYI.

    For MCPD Web you will require these exams;






  58. Titus says:


    Will there be a TS certification for Workflow?

    Is WPF combined with 511 or will there be a separate TS for it like in 3.5?

    When are the Sharepoint 2010 certifications expected?



  59. Hi Titus, how have you been?

    Much to my own disappointment, there will be no TS for Workflow this time around.

    Yes, 511 is WPF/Window Forms in one exam.

    I don’t have firm dates on the SharePoint exams yet but will post when I do.


  60. Marton says:

    Hi Gerry,

    When will we get the results from the Windows Mobile 6.5 Development exam? 🙂



  61. Hi Marton,

    The exam is set to go live this week which means you should be seeing the results next week.


  62. kim says:


    I am eagerly waiting for the post about how we register for the exam, do you have any idea when the post with those details will arrive.

    Sorry to be pushing.


  63. Ulugbek Umirov says:

    to Kim:

    PS. I envy Gerry’s patience (answers to most of questions above can be found in this blog).

  64. kim says:

    Thanks Ulugbo, for trying to answer my question.

    I took the patience and read through the link you posted me once more (as I did before I posted my comment). And even if it does announce that the details for registering for the exams, will be posted in a little bit, it doesn’t actually say how to register.


  65. Kim,

    The details on how to register will be included in the announcement with the links to the prep guide for each exam, the beta code, and a link to Prometric who delivers these exams.

    Have pateience, the details will be posted soon.  Again, subscribe to the RSS feed and you will know as soon as it is posted.


  66. Marton says:

    Hey Gerry,

    Will any kind of Windows Mobile 7.0 exams be aviable in the future?

    Anyway I passed the Windows Mobile 6.5 development beta exam, so I will have some beer today. 🙂


  67. Congratulations Marton!

    I fully suspect we will have new Windows Phone 7 Series exams in the future.

    Obviously I have no idea on timelines yet but it is a big product launch for our Windows Phone 7 division and we will be certain to support that with certification.


  68. Hi Gerry – thanks for your prompt reply of everyone’s questions it’s great.

    I’m currently half way towards MCPD 3.5 Enterprise Developer having done

    • Application Development Foundation

    • ASP.NET Application Development

    • ADO.NET Application Development (data access)

    With the following to go:

    • Windows Forms Application Development

    • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

    • Pro: Designing and Developing Enterprise Applications Using the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

    My goal however would be to obtain the 70-519: Pro: Designing and Developing Web Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4

    As I am focussing more on web.

    If I want to upgrade to this – I am gathering that it would make more sense for me to take the MCPD ASP.NET Developer 3.5 PRO exam now to get that (instead of Enterprise MCPD) and then wait for the 4.0 MCPD Web App Developer upgrade? I would have done 1 more exam than necessary in that case (ADO.NET) but that’s ok.

    Thanks in advance,


  69. Hi Harrish,

    We will also allow the upgrade from MCPD Enterprise on 3.5 to MCPD Web Developer so you can still continue with your intended 3.5 path.

    Because there won’t be an Enterprise Pro exam for .NET 4, you may want to obtain that certification on 3.5.


  70. Robert says:

    Hi Gerry

    The anticipation is killing me 😉

    What will be taking the place of the Enterprise Pro Exam for .Net 4?


  71. Hi Robert,

    There is no Enterprise Pro and no replacement at this time.  For various reasons we didn’t create one this time around.

    We’re looking at how Azure, SoA, SSaS, other Cloud Computing technologies and ALM all play into the certification landscape so you may see something coming around those technologies.

    For now, the Web and Windows Pro certs require passing ADO.NET and WCF exams along with the requisite Web or Windows TS exam so each is similar to Enterprise without having both client technologies included in one exam.


  72. Marton says:

    Hi Gerry,

    May I contact you in private?

    Best wishes,


  73. Hi Marton,


    first.last@you know where


  74. dattachidrawar says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Any update on this?



  75. Any update on what?


  76. dattachidrawar says:

    Update on beta certification details?



  77. No updates,

    As I said, when updates are available, I will post them.  Until then, there is nothing to post.


  78. Ted Nowm says:

    Hi Gerry,

    What about voucher number? Because exams already avaliable at

  79. OzzyGeoff says:

    It looks like you can upgrade your MCPD Web 3.5 or Windows 3.5 with a single exam for each.

    I think this means you get MCTS for

    TS:Windows Communication Found Dev w/MS .NET Frmwk 4


    TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

    without having passed them at 3.5.

    I assume you will not be asked many questions so could pass by luck rather than knowledge.


  80. Geoff,

    Your assumptions are incorrect.  As for the certifications you will acquire, they are correct.   But assuming you will not be asked very many questions is not correct.

    These upgrade exams will be longer as a result of the extra material to be covered.

    If you’re going by luck rather than knowledge, well, best of luck to you.  🙂


  81. OzzyGeoff says:

    Thanks for that Gerry.

    Having taken the Enterprise route I felt a bit miffed that people could short circuit the pain.

    Happy if each are is covered in depth and actually great that one exam is sufficient to upgrade MCPD.



  82. Hi Geoff,

    One other point to keep in mind, even though it can be considered a short cut.  The upgrade exams are more about ensuring the candidate understands the deltas in the new version.  This is the reason why we require;

    1) MCPD in the immediate previous version to ensure they are certified on the core features of .NET.

    2) We don’t allow a version skip in the upgrade, ie from 2.0 to 4.0 directly.

    It is also an incentive for those already certified to help reduce the pain and cost of moving to the latest versions.  🙂


  83. dattachidrawar says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Is there any prerequisite for 70-519 exam?

    I am MCTS (Web) Certified. So am I eligible for the beta exam of 70-519?

    Also please let me know when the voucher would be available to register at prometric site.



  84. Hi Datta,

    For the exam, there are no prerequisites.  For the credential, there are.  Details are on the certification pages here;

    Like others, you must wait for the announcement that will be posted on this blog for the beta codes.


  85. codeguru says:


    I didn’t receive any beta invites. I went to the SME profile and found it was blank and re-did it. Will I get the beta invites now or do I need to contact someone else?

  86. codeguru,

    The beta invites will be posted here tomorrow.


  87. Titus says:


    Are you planning any exam for TFS?



  88. Hey Titus, how are you?

    We are creating, and will be releasing soon, a new TFS 2010 exam.  It will be an Administering exam again.  

    I’m not in the office right now and too lazy to RAS in to CorpNet for the number and dates but I believe the exam is 70-512 and will release before June.


  89. tsadigov says:

    Hi Gerry

    As I understood invitation will be sent for beta exams

    Am I supposed to register somewhere to recieve that invitation?

  90. says:

    How to get an invitation?

  91. Hi Gerry,

    I passed the Windows Mobile 6.5 development beta exam, just read the email from MS Learning! However, failed the configuration one.

    When are you planning to post the voucher codes for .NET 4.0 exams?

    Thanks in advance!

  92. lluigi says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Where I can found the preparation materials ?


  93. Are you serious?  Have you actually read any of the above posts or links?

  94. lluigi says:

    "use the product and MSDN to learn and practice those skills that you are weak on."

    Now, I’ve read.


  95. lluigi,

    Please go here.

    There are links to the prep guides are in that post.


  96. Geoff says:

    Hi Gerry

    Sorry to bother you again.

    I looked again at he upgrades, and the MCPD Windows 3.5 to 4.0 still seems a bit odd, to me :-).  Looking at the objectives MCTS Windows 4.0 is a WCF exam, which I think is a good idea, but it means that we are upgrading MCPD’s that have no commomality.  It does save me bucks and time, so I get the reward part, but it does not feel like an upgrade.


  97. Hi Geoff,

    I’m not clear on what you mean by no commonality.

    If you are certified as an MCPD ASP.NET Developer 3.5 or Enterprise, you can take exam 70-523 to upgrade to Web Developer on .NET 4.

    When you take the upgrade exam, you will be presented with content from the following exams;

    70-515, 70-513, 70-516, and 70-519.

    That means prior to taking the test, you better know WCF, ADO.NET, and ASP.NET.  515, 513, and 516 are required MCTS exams, along with 519, for acheiving the MCPD Web Developer 4.  The upgrade allows you to take them all in one exam.


  98. Lino Goncalves says:

    Hi Gerry,

    The beta exams are not yet available through Prometric South Africa. When I phoned up the call centre, they did not seem to be aware of the beta exams and could not give a view as to when they would become available (The call centre that serves South Africa is based in the Netherlands).

    Q1. Are the exams available to SA?

    Q2. Should we be going through Prometric to register for these exams?




  99. Hi Lino,

    I am checking into this with Prometric now.

    A lot of these have reached their seat limit already but I did want to verify a couple of things first;

    1) That you searched for 71-xxx and not 70-xxx on the web site.

    2) What number did you call?  Prometric or the local testing center?


  100. Lino Goncalves says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for your prompt reply:

    1) I did look at the 71-xxx and not 70-xxx on the website but the beta exams are is not listed: (see

    2) There is a South Africa Prometric office, but the calls are  routed to the Prometric call centre in Europe which services the Africa region (their number is 0800 980 562 when dialed from SA). The consultant I spoke to was not aware of the beta exams either.

    Would appreciate your help on this. Thanks.



  101. Hi Lino,

    I set my location to South Africa and I do see the exams listed in the exam list.

    They are immediately after the 70- exams and immediately before the 74- exams.

    Please ensure that your location is set to South Africa and that your exams are sorted by number.


  102. Lino Goncalves says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Thanks, the exams are listed on Prometric as 71-xxx and not 70-xxx (e.g. 71-513) hence why I missed it. Gerry, are the exams in beta phase free? Prometric is charging for these exams at 690 SA Rands each (approx. $100)?



  103. Hi Lino,

    They will be listed with a price until you get to the point where you can enter the beta code.  Once you enter that code as a promotion, the cost will reset to 0.


  104. Lino Goncalves says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for your help. I’ve managed to register for the WCF exam!



  105. says:

    I live in Azerbaijan

    and prometric says – Discount is not offered for this Site.

    what am I supposed to do?

    pls help

  106. tsadigov,

    I had Prometric verify.

    The codes are valid.  Please try to register again.


  107. Datta says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Yesterday I have attended 071-519 exam. I wanted to notify some of my thoughts but was not able as I took almost 3 hours to finish the exam and did not have patience to sit more time write. Is there any way I can do this now?



  108. Datta,

    The whole purpose of the 4 hour seat time is for you to take the time to provide that feedback during the exam, while the information is fresh in your mind.  It is part of what you agree to when you accept the information at the beginning of the exam.

    You can send me the information directly but if I cannot map it to specific questions or areas on the exam, it might no be useful at this point.

    Please send it directly to me at my Microsoft email address.


  109. Bhumika says:

    Hey can anyone say when original study material will be available for 70-515 TS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 ?

    Thanks in advance….

  110. Bhumika,

    At this point, it is looking like there won’t be any available training kits from Microsoft Press until the end of this year.

    Not ideal, I know, but unfortunately that is all I know at this time.


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