Visual Studio 2010 Exams Update

We are just finishing up week two of intense exam design sessions today.  Last week we created the outline for the MCTS Windows and Web exams.  Lots of great discussion by a group of excellent subject matter experts for each session.  Please know that these people are rock stars and they have your best interest at heart.  They fight for what is right and what will make a great exam experience for you and the industry.

This week, we are finalizing details on the outline for the WCF and ADO.NET MCTS exams as well.  I’m sitting in the WCF session and I can tell you that my head hurts at times from the passionate discussions that are taking place.  We have very knowledgeable people in the room for these sessions and each has a passion for the technology.  They want to ensure the best experience and coverage for the exam and this results in some really great discussions and sometimes, a little arm bending too.

Next week, we tackle the MCPD Windows and Web exams and I fully expect the sessions to go the same way.

In the end, we know that we will never satisfy everybody’s wishes for what should be covered in an exam but know this, your peers are helping to ensure that the most important aspects are represented here to ensure that we are validating real-world skills. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their hard work, perseverance and patience over these weeks.  I hope that you are happy with the results when you see the prep guides posted later this year.


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  1. Bryant Likes says:

    I hope the new WCF exam is better than the current one. The current one has more questions on configuration than anything else and with the myriad of configuration options in WCF the exam is pretty difficult (I failed it in beta).

    Looking forward to the new exams!

  2. kastman says:


    When will the beta exams be available?

  3. Hi Kastman,

    I’m hoping to have the betas out around the end of March.  They are currently slated for March 30.

    There are variables that affect that date but typically they don’t vary too much.

    I’ll make a formal announcement on this blog and the Born to Learn one as well with the beta invite and codes.


  4. Hey Bryant,

    I can tell you that the WCF session was the the most focused I’ve ever seen.  In terms of the design, I think it’s a solid effort.

    Now we just need to ensure that translates into equally good questions.

    Looking forward to your feedback on the beta.  Of course, you can send me your contact info at my email address, gerryDOTobrien@…..  if you would like to participate in the Alpha review session or item selection and standard setting.   Your input would be grealy appreciated.


  5. Niall M says:

    Hey Gerry

    What is the story with the Alpha Review sessions. How can we sign up/get started with visas etc 🙂

  6. Hey Niall,

    We need to award the contracts first and then get schedules in place.

    I’ll be in touch.


  7. Anton says:


    I’m interested in these beta exams. What should I do to receive beta exam invitation?


  8. Hi Anton,

    Just monitor this blog for announcements as well


  9. Gerrit says:

    Hi Gerry

    Have a decision been made on the Enterprise developer certification?



  10. Hi Gerritt,

    At this point, we won’t be creating an MCPD Enterprise certification.

    We are now evaluating what it could look like with considerations given to certs for software testing, ALM, and Azure.  Just to give you an idea as to where our thoughts are right now.

    Fiscal planning for next year is kicking off shortly.  This is when we will be looking at any gaps in our current tracks and what new items we should be thinking about.


  11. Sergey says:

    Hi Gerry,

    How to get on the beta testing?

  12. Jason says:


    What will happen then to MCPD Enterprise 3.5 certs? I’ve been on a certification path for the 3.5 Enterprise cert but now I’m questioning whether or not that’s a good idea if there won’t be an upgrade path. Recommendations?



  13. Hi Sergey,

    Monitor this blog and I will post announcements when the beta exams are available along with the codes for registering.


  14. Hi Jason,

    Nothing will happen to the MCPD Enterprise 3.5 in the near future.  When Microsoft ends support for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5, we will retire the exams accordingly but that’s a long way out yet.

    There won’t be an upgrade path at this time for an Enterprise cert on .NET 4 because there is no exam or cert for that in 4.

    No reason for you to not continue and complete the enterprise cert on 3.5 though.  It’s still valid and relevant.


  15. Peter Moss says:


    Since there won’t be MCPD Enterprise 4.0, would

    there be an upgrade from MCPD EAD 3.5 to MCPD Windows or MCPD Web 4.0?

    I’m also on MCPD EAD 3.5 track and I’m just wondering

    if maybe I should just complete Windows and Web 3.5 MCPDs so that I can upgrade them to 4.0 when the time comes.

    Thank you,


  16. Hi Peter,

    If you hold the MCPD Enterprise Developer 3.5 cert, you will be able to upgrade to either the Web or Windows MCPD for .NET 4.

    Nothing special required, just take the appropriate upgrade exam.

    You will likely be better positioned to pass the exams as well because of the coverage on WCF and ADO that will on these upgrades.


  17. Steve Green says:

    Will it be possible to upgrade from 2.0 to 4? There has never been any study material released for 70-567 and for the longest time now the local certification centers have been maintaining this is because Microsoft will be offering a 2.0 to 4.0 exam, has this whole upgrade path been abandoned now?

  18. Hi Steve,

    I’m not certain where your local testing centers are getting their information from but it is unfortunately incorrect.

    We will not be offering an upgrade path directly from .NET 2.0 to .NET 4.  We don’t upgrade across two versions due to the complexity involved in providing an adequate upgrade exam that covers the technology changes.

    You will need to upgrade to 3.5 first, then to 4.


  19. Jason Mitchell says:

    Hi Gerry, when will the new exams for WCF be available?


    Jason Mitchell

  20. Hi Jason,

    You beat me to it.  I am about to make an announcement on the beta exams for VS2010.

    They should be available in the March time frame but I need to lock on the dates first.

    Expect a post today or tommorrow.


  21. Hi Gerry,

    I have completed my MCPD Enterprise Developer 3.5 cert,Can you please let me know which path should I take for upgradation to 4.0 certification as the upgrade certification path paper 521 and 523 shows it's expiring on July 31.



  22. Hi Hemant,

    I just checked the date on this and it has been extended to 2014 so you still have a full year to complete that track upgrade if you want.


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