Developer Certification Changes

Early information but at this point, it looks as though there will be two new exams for SharePoint developers coming.  An MCTS and an MCPD for Office SharePoint Server.  Some of you asked for the MCPD at PDC and I indicated at the time that it would require audience research.  The SharePoint folks have provided that and as a result, there will be new exams forthcoming.

Unfortunately, it appears as though there always has to be a negative side as well.  At this point, unless we can turn it around, the will be no certification exams for Expression Web or Expression Blend.  Kind of a shame as I was looking forward to having certifications on these.  Well, Expression Blend mostly for my preferences, but both would have been nice.

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  1. Mark Price says:

    Great news about SharePoint certs, but sad to hear about Blend. I was excited about the possibility of attaining an MCTS in Blend. 🙁

  2. Hi Mark,

    I was looking forward to the Blend cert as well.  I need to spend more time with it before I could even think about being good enough but I really like it.


  3. lexer says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I’ve got a question not related to this post. But I hope you know the answer.

    Our company decided to become Microsoft Custom Development Solutions Solutions in Web.

    But it requires Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD): Enterprise Applications Developer instead of Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD): ASP.NET Developer 3.5.

    Why we need to pass Exams on Windows forms to become CDS in Web?


    Alexey Zakharov.

  4. Hi Alexey,

    I’m not familiar with the Microsoft Custom Development SOlutions in Web.  Is this a partner competency?  Can you please provide a link to the requirements?

    You do not need to pass a Windows Forms exam to become certified on Web technologies.   There is an MCPD for Web and an MCPD for Windows.

    The MCPD Enterprise is not just for Web nor is it just for Windows.  It encompasses both technologies along with n-tier application principles.


  5. Peter says:

    Yes, this is a partner program competency.

    For the "custom software development" competency:

    >Web Development Specialization partners must employ or contract with at least two people who have achieved MCPD: Web Developer, MCSD, or MCAD certification. To qualify by achieving MCSD or MCAD certification, they must also have passed at least one of the following exams.

    (both the logged-in and non logged-in versions have the same text)

    There is an orange bar that is really 3 tabs. Alexey didn’t click on the "Web Development Specialization" tab (the tab selected turns white with orange text, unselected tabs are orange with black text). The text and certs that he quotes are on the "Application Infrastructure Development specialization" which is the default when the page is loaded.

    Our partner competency is ISV/Software solutions, and I’m one of the few certified guys at the office.

  6. Great to hear there will be an MCPD for SharePoint.

    As always a couple of questions 🙂

    Will be on the 2007 or 2010 track for SharePoint?

    Will it encompass WSS and MOSS or just the more MOSS orientated stuff similar to the way that the MCTS’s are currently tracked now (you know 4 MCTS 2 WSS and 2 MOSS)

    Expected timeline for the Betas 🙂

  7. Thanks Peter,

    As clarification, the partner group decides the requirements for these competencies.  Microsoft Learning offers insight into the exams but the partner group determines the requirements.

    Also, keep in mind that these requirements are being updated and the changes will be reflected on the site soon.

    Please speak with your partner rep at Microsoft for timelines on the changes.


  8. Hi Niall, how are you?

    It will cover 2010.

    They will be for MOSS, no WSS specific exam.

    First half calendar year 2010.


  9. lexer says:

    Peter, Gerry thank you.

    There was some problems with partner site last week. May be it was the source of mistake inside web tab. Now everything is correct as Peter said.


    Alexey Zakharov.

  10. Gerry, this is some great news!

    I realize we are really early in the process but do you have a month- or quarter-granularity ball park idea of when we will be at a point of enough details to get a webcast on what the future looks like in this space in general terms?

    Looking for the story around how an "MCPD" in Sharepoint complements/extends/replaces the broad .NET platform MCPDs.

  11. Hi Wayne,

    For the moment, there isn’t really a story on SharePoint MCPD and .NET MCPD.  In our discussions thus far, these are intended to be standalone exams in terms of SharePoint only.

    In other words, you cannot acheive the MCPD SharePoint Developer credential without first getting the MCTS SharePoint.  There will be no pre-requisites for any .NET exam either direction.

    How these play into the SharePoint Master program is yet to be decided.  There will be four SharePoint exams total, two MCTS exams, one MCPD, and one MCITP.  So, one TS and one Pro for each audience.

    Once we have more information on the relationship between these and MCM, I’ll post it.

    Is that what you were looking for or have I completely gone to left field?


  12. Jarrod says:


    I appreciate the blog and you keeping us up to date on the upcoming certifications.  I have a question that is a off the sbuject of this post.  I was wondering if you know if Microsoft plans on the bringing back the Second Shot offer?  While I have never had to use my second shot option, I must say it helps the nerves when going to into the test knowing that if I have a brain freeze I can come back and try again.

    Thank you and keep keeping us informed.

  13. Thanks Jarrod,

    A lot of people really like that offer for sure.  I am currently on vacation and can double check with our marketing folks when I get back on August 10th but I suspect the answer is yes.  Either second shot or another promotion similar to that.

    I wish I had a firm answer for you today but I don’t.  Sorry.


  14. Doing well Gerry like yourself on holidays.

    How will this new MCPD affect the MCM intake for the 2010 track on SharePoint

    Also will there be a corresponding MCITP for SharePoint considering if you look at the current offerings you have a 2 config and 2 dev variations on the MCTS tracks. This lends itself to 2 possible Pro type exams for each side of the house.

    Will it be a 2 exam or 3 exam cert type. And also do you think that possibly the MCTS WF 3.5 should be included considering that Workflow is built into the SharePoint platform. Additionally some of the ASP.NET stuff crosses over as well.

  15. Hey Niall,

    For your first question, I don’t know that yet.  We’ll need to coordinate with the MCM team to determine that.  Factors affecting it will be which exams will be required, dev or IT pro related.  More on that to come.

    Each audience will have two exams.  One MCTS and one MCPD for developers, one MCTS and one MCITP for the IT Pro audience for configuration etc.

    At the moment, it will be a one exam one cert type for the MCTS, and the pro exams will require the MCTS.  The product group doesn’t want to set a WF prerequisite for these exams at this time nor do they want to have ASP.NET as a prereq either.   I agree with their choice too.

    Hope that makes sense.


  16. Niall says:

    Cheers Gerry. It seems good just hoping we can get in on the beta because it will be good to get them 🙂

  17. Hi Gerry,

    Will there be any upgrade exams from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010?

  18. Hi Frank,

    There won’t be any upgrades for these exams.  The MCTS is only one exam, which makes an upgrade kind of a moot point.

    The MCPD and MCITP are brand new for SharePoint so there isn’t anything to upgrade from.


  19. Mark J Price says:

    Some off-topic questions about MCP "By The Numbers": When do they get updated? (They don’t seem to have been since June.) Are the numbers available in a raw form so we could see them by country, for example? Are the MCPD 3.5 cert numbers included in the MCPD 2.0 cert numbers and will they ever be shown separately? Can the page structure please be changed to use a table row for each individual cert so that it displays properly? (On my iPhone the font for the cert names are larger than the font for the numbers so they are mis-aligned and one cannot tell which number matches to which cert!) THANKS!

  20. Hi Mark,

    I have asked the Product Manager to offer some insight into these numbers for you as the Product Managers own that page.  As a Product Planner, I consume data from internal sources that are used to feed that page but I don’t provide the updates.

    They have an update schedule although I don’t know what that is right off.


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