70-505 Closes on Monday

I know lots of you have already registered and like to wait until the later dates of delivery and that is great.   Thanks for your interest.

For those who haven’t, there may still be a chance to take this exam for free.  Just visit my previous posting to get the registration details.


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  1. GilaMonster says:

    Hi Gerry

    Apologies for posting an inappropriate comments, but I could find no other way to contact you.

    Is there an email address for tip-offs regarding exam cheating, exam fraud, brain dumps etc? I mailed MCPHelp but all I got back was a canned reply asking for pages of information before they would look at the question.



    SQL Server MVP

  2. Hi Gail,

    I usually turn off the Contact Me email option at the top of the page because some people like to abuse it.

    I have turned it back on so that you can contact me directly and I will provide the information to the correct people.

    Also, you can send this information directly to tctips@microsoft.com and it will be investigated.

    Thanks for passing this information along.


  3. TatianaG says:

    Hi Gerry, I would like to take the beta exam, is it still available? I failed to find it in the list in the prometric site.

    Thanks for your help.

  4. Hi Tatiana,

    The post was made on Friday December 12, 2008 and indicated that the exam would end on Monday, meaning December 15.

    The beta exam is over now.


  5. Abha2009 says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I am interested to take exams on MCAD for C# code – 70-315. this exam and some other exams in this series are going to be retired on 31st March 2009.

    please assist me that could I apear for the exams after 31st March.as MCAD is the requirement for MCPD certifications.

    Thanks in advance


  6. Hi Abha,

    70-315 will retire at the end of March 2009 as you have already read.  There will be no opportunity to take this exam after that date.  You MUST take it before that date.

    There is no assistance to offer in this case, the date is set and the exam will not be available after that date.

    You can check your local Prometric testing center to see if it is still listed and if so, take it then, but for all intents, it will be removed at the end of March.


  7. Carl says:

    I’m hoping to take Exam 70-505: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Forms Application Development in a few weeks but there a couple of things that are puzzling me about the study guide at http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exams/70-505.aspx:

    1.       Firstly the exam still seems to be in development even though we are well past the publish date (10-Feb). Does this mean I can’t take the exam yet?

    2.       There are 2 items in the guide that seem to be related to WPF:

    a.       Change the appearance of a UI element by using triggers. This objective may include but is not limited to: using multiple triggers; using property triggers; using event triggers; using data triggers

    b.      Install a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) browser application by using ClickOnce

    Is this a mistake or are these topics really in the Windows Forms exam?

  8. Hi Carl,

    If you go to the Prometric site, you will see that you can register for 70-505 which means it is not in development but available.  The web page you are referring to is in the process of being updated along with many others and the process is slow.

    As for the WPF items listed, yes, they are a part of the exam.  Because WPF applications can be hosted in Windows Forms applications, these items have been added as a way of starting a transition to WPF in the Windows developer exams.


  9. Jonas says:

    I cannot book 70-505 on Prometric! It is listed in the list of exams, but regardless which testing center I choose (Zurich area, > 10 testing centers), the site keeps telling me that there are no exam dates available. For the other exams (70-503, 70-502, etc.), the site is working fine.

    Is this an error on Prometric, or is the exam not yet available?

  10. Jonas,

    The exam is live and available.  Have you tried calling Prometric to see what the issue is?